The Love Dare: Jesus Style

My relationship with God as a young child was really cheesy. I mean ultimate cheese. For instance, bedtime prayers went something like this:

“Dear Jesus, thank You for another day and for everything You have done for me. If I sinned today, please wash it away so that I can be with You when I die. Please bless my family and help mom get over her cold and Thomas be nicer. Please help me be patient and the perfect girl so mom and dad stop yelling at me. I love You, Jesus! Sweet dreams, sleep tight, and don’t let the bed bugs bite! Goodnight!”

I’d hug and kiss the air, and just before closing my eyes, give God a wink. Then it was off to dreamland.

I can’t recall when this tradition ended, perhaps in my rebellious teen years or confused very young adult years. But somewhere along the way, I stopped hugging Jesus and started watching YouTube videos. I stopped saying prayers and asking for blessings and started texting friends and crushes.

I finally got a wake up call this morning.

Before falling asleep last night, God tugged gently on my heart, asking me to speak to Him, but I was exhausted after a very long day and in an incredible amount of pain, so instead I said that I would get up early and spend a solid chunk of time with Him before starting my day. Instead I hit “doze” fifteen times, only to awake with a start and realize I was (once again) late and had to rush through my morning routine. Which meant cutting out the God time.

As I was staring at my keurig and absent-mindedly stirring cream into my life saving cup of joe, I whispered in the depths of my heart: “Don’t worry, Lord. We’ll just chat in the car.”

To which He replied: “It’s better than nothing.”

My hand stilled as I thought about His response. You mean to tell me He wasn’t pleased with my solution? I’ve built relationships on the phone during my drive to work, but it wasn’t good enough for Him?

Of course it wasn’t.

The car ride chat wasn’t the problem, my attitude was. I made a date with God,  broke it and expected Him to be pleased with a phone call alternative.

How many times have friends done this to me and I felt like smacking their faces for disrespecting my time? (That may sound extreme… But I really hate broken dates. Unless I’m in a flare-up, then I don’t mind as much.)

I was doing the very same thing to God.


You know, the Heavenly Being who holds life and death in His hands. The Guy who controls the winds and waves and made Peter able to walk on water. The Spirit who formed man out of dust and breathed life and soul into him. That One. That Guy.

I broke a date with HIM and expected applause at my last ditch effort.

I spent the 25 minute ride, first, asking God’s forgiveness, and secondly, asking Him to help me reconnect.

Somewhere along the line my relationship with Him became unplugged. I read the Word almost daily, I go to church and pray hard there, I chit-chat with God throughout the rest of the week.. but a marriage can’t survive on two days a week and a couple of texts on the others.

It needs solid commitment.

When I was baptized in the name of Jesus, I chose a new master for my life. I was tired of living on my own and messing everything up, again and again and again. So I asked Jesus to take over.

The beautiful thing is that, while He is now Master and Lord of my life, He is also romancing my heart.

Scripture refers to the church as a bride and Jesus as the groom. One day we will be united for eternity (it’s literally happily ever after) as husband and wife.

Side note: I can’t wait to go home and be with Him for eternity, worshipping and praising Him with the endless, pain-free life I’ll have.


There is something so amazing about King Charming, stepping down off His throne to spend time with me. He always makes time for me. He’s the King of the Universe and He makes time for me. I want to do the same for Him.

I must reconnect with the Lover of my soul.

This will take the same dedication and passion that it takes from couples trying to rebuild a marriage in hopes of evading divorce. Not because I’m close to leaving Him, but because I have become lazy in my relationship with Him and lazy is a hard thing to overcome.

Here is my action plan (because what good is my word if it’s not followed by action?):

Have you heard of the Love Dare (original content of the dare is by Alex and Stephen Kendrick) from the movie Fireproof? The movie follows a man trying to rebuild his relationship with his wife, who has asked for a divorce. In order to do so, each day he does something extra (a dare) to repair the damage he has caused. This could be anything from a random act of kindness to taking the time to actively hear about her day to remembering to say “I love you.” That Love Dare. I’m going to do it with God. It’s time to rebuild.

I have this chair in my room. It’s a beat up reddish pinkish chair that has seen too many hard times. But it’s my favorite thing in the room. Why?

Because it’s Jesus’ chair.

When I first brought it into my room, I sat in it and said to the Lord: “This is Your special seat. I want you to have a place in my life. When I sit here, it will be to pray and I’ll consider it sitting on Your lap.”

Since that moment, I don’t let anything sit on that chair except Jesus and a blanket for cuddling with Him. I don’t sit on it except to pray.

It’s gotten to the point that I apologize to God if anything else gets on it. Once, I came into my room and someone had set a book on it. I freaked out, moved it and literally cried as I said sorry. When I moved to my new room yesterday, I put some clothing on it so I could carry both it and other things up the stairs. As I went, I kept repeating: “I’m so sorry, Lord. This is only for a minute. Just a second.” When I used the chair as a stepping stool so I could hang curtains, I asked God if He was okay with it. He didn’t seem to mind giving me a “lift.”

This probably seems overboard.. But I look at that chair as my altar. My place of worship. Jesus’ lap. That’s pretty serious, even if it is a tad cheesy.

Here’s the thing. I want to get back to hugging and kissing Jesus goodnight, and I’m okay with cheesy if that’s what it takes.

Jesus even gets a little cheesy from time to time.

After He (yet again) forgave me this morning, I sang praise to Him along with this beautiful song playing via my iPhone. I was so moved that I thought “I have to share this song with the world. I’ll post about it on-” and God interrupted.

I could feel His cheesy grin as He whispered into my heart: “How about we let this be our song?”

It was so corny, but corny speaks to me. I was delighted to agree with Him. That secret song will forever be our song, the importance of it forever known only to us.

After all, every couple should have a song.

What about you? Have you noticed your walk with God is suffering? I’d like to challenge you to do the Love Dare with me. I will post the daily challenges on my FB page, as well as how to modify them to suit this challenge. Commit to change your walk with God for the better today so that we can begin daring love this Sunday, March 13th. Let’s do this! 🙂


By now, we’ve probably all heard of the “Love Dare”- a concept that first started in the movie Fireproof but soon took off as it reunited couples, healed marriages and saved families. We’re familiar with the concept of daily challenges to connect with ourselves, our friends and our soul mates.. But what if we took daily challenges to connect with our Eternal Husband, the Groom of the church bride: Jesus?

Join me in taking the Love Dare (original content by Alex & Stephen Kendrick with a new, Jesus style spin), whether your relationship with Him is broken, brand new, long since stale or even if it’s healthy, this is your chance to get cheesy and have that fairy tale romance with the Creator of the Heavens.

Male or female, broken or whole, this challenge is for YOU. Let’s fall in love with our Lord!



•Read the blog post (link’s in the bio) and consider your commitment level. If you are dedicated to this vital life decision, then

•Keep an eye out on my Facebook Page for the daily challenges and occasional posts about how it’s helping my own walk.

Are you with me?

The Love Dare: Jesus Style