4 Adultier Things I’ve Tried Since Moving Out

There is a lot of freedom that comes with living on your own– and with it, a lot of responsibility. I’ve found that both have made me feel eager to try new things and learn how to be an adultier adult. The results had.. well.. varying degrees of success…

Mainly failure.

In any case, please enjoy this list of 4 intended-to-be-adultier things I’ve tried since moving out!

#1 – Dishwasher Mayday Turned Mopping Extraordinaire

The day before I moved into my apartment, I spent a good chunk of time cleaning it up. The hardwood floors were covered in dirt and needed a good mop, the windows were nasty and the stove/fridge/dishwasher needed a good wash,too.

It was because of this that I found myself ankle-deep in suds on that fateful Friday evening.

Here’s what I learned:

  • You cannot, in fact, use regular dish soap in a dishwasher, even if it is much more cost-effective.
  • Er, unless you are trying to coat your floor in suds.
  • In which case, you should because it makes mopping a lot easier.
  • As it should since your floor will be covered in suds.
  • You could even tie towels around your shoes and slide about for an extra pizzazz-y polished look.
  • #LifeHACKed
  • Please do not blame me if you ruin your apartment floors by trying this. Calling this epic fail a win would certainly be my sardonic personality shining through.

#2 – Surviving Thriving at the Laundromat

Not very far into my new life, my washing machine broke down. While the landlord came to the rescue with a new machine two weeks later, my minimalist perspective of life had me in a bind. I was out of clothes, towels and wash cloths.

Now I was not about to be that adult who moves out, only to come home a little while later for the sole purpose of having your mom do your laundry.

So, with the situation dire, I braved the laundromat.

Here’s what I learned:

  • Laundromat owners must be stinking RICH. $3 per wash?? $3.50 per dry?????
  • All kinds of people hang out at the laundromat… I’m pretty sure not all of them are doing laundry.
  • Some people bring their laundry and leave, then come back a couple of hours later to pack it up. I still can’t decide if that’s courageously smart or really, really stupid.
  • You should always bring food with you because you will be bored and it is easily the best boredom cure. Also, everyone will stare longingly at your meal while you just smile in that “I know you wish you were me” kind of way.
  • You’ll have to ignore a creepy, pot-bellied, clothed in riding up ratty t-shirt, old guy who spends the entirety of your stay staring at you.
  • You may feel an insane desire to leave as soon as the wash cycle finishes. If this happens, just dump your sopping wet clothes on the backseat of your car and speeeeeeeeeed outta there.

#3 – Growing a Dying Garden

More recently, I was inspired by the warming season to start an indoor garden. I eat a lot of veggies so this seemed the obvious thing to do!

But, uh, be careful what you choose to grow.

Here’s what I learned:

  • Indoor plants attract bugs just like outdoor plants and indoor veggies left sitting on the counter a couple of days too long.
  • Tomato plants take FOREVER to grow so, like, plant them in 2016.
  • Don’t buy a dying tomato plant.
  • If the plant has a teensy bit of purple-blue hue on its leaves and it doesn’t normally have purple-blue leaves, don’t buy it. The thing is diseased.
  • It is actually possible to feel emotional over a dying tomato plant.
  • Green onion is so extremely incredibly easy to grow!
  • I don’t actually eat that much green onion…………….

#4 – Old Lady-ing in a Dance Cardio Class

I’ve always loved to dance- be it in worship or like a lunatic to that. sick. beat.

The point is- it’s fun and exhilarating and I could do it for hours. So, obviously I figured this would make the perfect exercise routine!

I’ve always been curious about dance cardio classes and this last week my curiosity was permanently satisfied. My sister and I signed up for a class that was within walking distance for the both of us.

Here’s what I learned:

  • I am an older lady than the old lady who was in the class.
  • That old lady had better rhythm than me (of course she already knew the moves…).
  • Apparently I don’t know that many dance moves.
  • Dance is fun, except for when it’s exercise and you don’t know the choreography.
  • My sister, who just birthed a child, can keep up with a group of fit people better than I can.
  • I should probably try a belly-dancing class next, as the slow version of it was the only part I could keep up with.
  • Even though the instructor tells you that nobody is going to laugh at you, people will laugh at you. Instructor included.
  • Custard never tasted so good as it did post-class.
  • Turns out I crave Mexican food when I dance.

What are some new things you tried when moving out on your own to be adultier?

4 Adultier Things I’ve Tried Since Moving Out

10 Reasons Adulting is Hard

Happy Saturday! I’m sitting here at my desk just thinking about how stinky it can be to be an adult, so I figured I should let y’all in on it.

  1. Your paycheck is here and gone within minutes. Thank you, oh glamorous bills.
  2. You can’t sleep in anymore. The circadian rhythm is real and sleeping in aggravates that beast.
  3. You actually want to go to bed early, instead of stay up watching TV and reading and hanging out with friends and family. Seriously. Your eyes are drooping by 9 pm.
  4. On that note, staying up all night means feeling puke-y and dizzy all day the next. Blech. Goodbye ability to survive on energy drinks until 48 hours later. Hello, new tradition of sleeping the new year in.
  5. You have to drive yourself places. I know it seems small and insignificant, but oh my gosh it’s a pain. I remember the days when an hour-long car ride was a chance to read for an hour.. now it’s a time to stare out a window, bored. Unless, of course, you’re road tripping and there are plenty of new sights to see… but you’d have to have money to do that.
  6. Laundry. Yeah. That’s all I gotta say about that.
  7. No more snow days. You still have to drag your butt out of bed and get to work, even if a level 2-er is raging out there.
  8. But worse than no snow days? Say goodbye to summer vacation. Gone are the three months of living for the spontaneous moment. Now you live for the extra hours you can pick up at work to help pay off the debt you racked up trying to pay bills during fall, winter and spring.
  9. Debt. Student loans, medical bills, stupid splurges on stupid Macbook Airs…. Debt’s ugly and it’s a pain. Avoid it at all costs. And not just because the Dr. (Dave Ramsey) tells you to. Trust me on this one.
  10. You have to decide your life. No one can tell you “no, don’t eat that whole bag of m&ms before supper” or “save $20 of that allowance so you can use it on a rainy day” or “clean your room by 10 am tomorrow or your grounded.” Nope. You gotta find it in yourself to do those things.. and you try to because if you don’t, you feel like a loser at adulting.

What are some reasons you dislike adulting? Let’s all gripe today. I’m feeling it! 😉

10 Reasons Adulting is Hard