Rachel’s Approved Shopping List

Replacements for Worn Out Belongings
Electric Tea Kettle
French Press
Duvet Cover
Cardigan (thick enough to double as a jacket)
(2) Bits & Bobs
Handheld Mirror

Replacements to Better Suit my Needs
Backpack Cooler (replacing lunch bag)
Fold-up Backpack (replacing drawstring backpack)
(3) Lamps with Built-in Shelving (replacing standard lamps)
Outlet Multiplier w/ USB Ports (replacing standard multiplier)
Long-sleeved T-shirt (replacing short-sleeve t-shirt)
Comfy Reading Chair (replacing Wingback)
3-in-1 Hoover Vacuum (replacing sweeper)
(2) Kitchen Towels that Match Decor
(2) Kitchen Washcloths that Match Decor
(4) Turkish Towels (replacing 3)
(4) Turkish Hand/Face Towels (replacing 2)
Mildew-Resistant Shower Curtain (replacing curtain and liner)
Zip-up Hoodie (replacing crewneck sweatshirt)

To Fill the Gaps
Knee-Length Dress
Maxi Dress
Dressy Blouse
Long-sleeved T-shirt
Swim Top
Swim Bottoms