Rachel’s 5-10 Year Plan

I like to write out 5-year plans. It’s an addiction I discovered at the start of 2016 and I certainly plan on continuing. Follow my progress to becoming The Woman here. 🙂

Year One (2016 – 22 years young):

  • 3-month shopping ban (Completed; September 03, 2016)
  • Establish an exercise routine (OOPS!)
  • Get health insurance (Completed; September 01, 2016)
  • Get life insurance (Completed; September 01, 2016)
  • Get a real life adult 9-to-5 job (Completed; September 01, 2016)
  • Move into my own place (Completed; September 03, 2016)
  • Participate in and win NaNoWriMo (OOPS!)
  • Start a Financial Support Group (Completed; November 13, 2016)

Year Two (2017 – 23 years young):

  • Pay off remaining debt
  • Continue in school, working towards my AA in Human Services
  • Complete the German Mango Languages course
  • Walk/run a 5k (I’d like to run, but Lord knows I’m pathetic and walking is two million times as likely as running)
    • Complete the Couch to 5k exercise plan
    • Establish an exercise routine that sticks
  • Finish writing the ebook on Chronic Illness, then self-publish
  • Visit Prince Edward Island with my grams
  • Visit 1-2 never been states
    • I may actually hit 3 (went to Kansas) – my sis and I are planning a road trip to Maryland, then Delaware, then Connecticut in September!
  • Begin fundraising and planning for Undignified Event 2018
  • Become a more consistent blogger and transfer to self-hosting or upgrade WP plan
  • Participate in/win NaNoWriMo – Memoir style

Year Three (2018 – 24 years young)

  • Pay off financed car
  • Visit Iceland
  • Visit 1-2 never been states
  • Buy a cello with cash (if my friend hasn’t come through by then with their offer to give me an old one for free) and start taking lessons
  • Finish writing my (I think) hilariously dramatic memoir and try to get it published through a more legitimate source
  • Host Undignified Event 2018, plan and fund-raise for Undignified Event 2019

Year Four (2019 – 25 years young)

  • Save to become Part-Time Self-Employed and go into Full-Time Ministry
  • Take that month long, cross-country road trip I’ve been dreaming of for years and visit at least 10 new states (perk of it happening in Year Three- my kid sis will be old enough to go with me)
  • Graduate with my AA in Human Services and decider whether or not to pursue my BA in History (if yes, what era will I study?)
  • Host Undignified Event 2019, plan and fund-raise for Undignified Event 2020
  • Take a month long road trip around America with the sis

Year Five (2020 – 26 years young)

  • Go to Germany with my mom, which I’d say is a long-time dream for both of us
  • Possibly start BA in History, look for opportunities to join research teams and maybe even (dreaming big here) an archaeologist dig
  • Host Undignified Event 2020, plan and fund-raise for Undignified Event 2021
  • Start planning and fundraising for an International Undignified Event
  • Start writing a book about Undignified Event and everything I’ve learned about Worship over the years and try to get it published, bare minimum self-published

Year Six (2021 – 27 years young)

  • Continue saving for early retirement (goal: semi-retire by 30, fully retire by 40)
  • Host Undignified Event 2021, plan for Undignified Event 2022
  • Continue planning and fundraising for an international Undignified Event
  • Schedule a book tour from church to church, I want to inspire youth to dream big and work hard
  • Visit 12 new states, a minimum of one per month

Year Seven (2022 – 28 years young):

  • Visit Hawaii and any other remaining states that I’ve never ventured
  • Possibly graduate with my BA in History and decide whether or not to continue on to my Master’s
  • Host the first Undignified Event International!!