Rachel’s 5-10 Year Plan

I heard that the #1 to know if you’re a successful adult is to know where you’re headed and how long it will take to get there. Well, I’ve always been one for plans, so I wasn’t afraid to take on this challenge. I will say, I’m shockingly unsure of what the future holds aside from a couple of key things (like where I plan to vacation). Anyway, here’s my ever changing 5-10 year plan!

Year One (2016 – 22 years young):

  • 3-month shopping ban (Completed; September 03, 2016)
  • Get health insurance (Completed; September 01, 2016)
  • Get life insurance (Completed; September 01, 2016)
  • Get a real life adult 9-to-5 job (Completed; September 01, 2016)
  • Move into my own place (Completed; September 03, 2016)
  • Start a Financial Support Group (Completed; November 13, 2016)

Year Two (2017 – 23 years young):

  • Continue in school, working towards my AA in Human Services (Completed; September 12, 2017)
  • Visit Prince Edward Island with my grams (Completed; September 30 – October 7, 2017)
  • Visit 1-2 never been states (Completed; July 27 – 29, 2017)
  • Become a more consistent blogger and transfer to self-hosting or upgrade WP plan (Completed; December 12, 2017)

Year Three (2018 – 24 years young)

  • Lose 30 pounds
  • Avoid the ER
  • Purge 50%+ of belongings
  • Visit 2 never-been states
  • Finish writing the ebook on Chronic Illness and self-publish
  • Pay off $10,000 in debt (Ronnie – the car – put me back in debt)
  • Finally get around to saving and keeping that Emergency Fund
  • Complete a 30-day Spending Freeze (April?)
  • Launch Vlog channel

Year Four (2019 – 25 years young)

  • Pay off Ronnie (my Toyota RAV4)
  • Get my Life & Health Coach Certification
  • Launch my Life & Health Coaching Career
  • Go to Disney World with Alexis!
  • Save for the month long, cross-country road trip
  • Save $4,000 as an emergency buffer when I fully launch my self-employment career

Year Five (2020 – 26 years young)

  • Take that month long, cross-country road trip I’ve been dreaming of for years and visit at least 15 new states ( my kid sis and BFF will finally be old enough to go with me)
  • Visit Iceland with my brother and spend at least one night camping as the Nordics we are (er, based on an ancestry DNA test)
  • Go to Germany with my mom, which I’d say is a long-time dream for both of us
  • Quit my job and become 100% self-employed as a Life & Health Coach

Year Six (2021 – 27 years young)

Year Seven (2022 – 28 years young):

  • Go on an African safari trip (Hello, childhood dream! How ya doin’?)
  • Overcome my deathly fear of the ocean and teeny tiny islands and go to Hawaii