My 2 Cents on Beautiful Uncertainty by Mandy Hale

Let me start this review by saying that this book came at exactly the time I needed it in my life, so it’s score of 5 of 5 stars is no surprise.

Mandy (the author) is a single young woman who stepped out in faith to minister to other single ladies by sharing her life story with the world. In a beautifully compelling, tear-jerking way, she shares her heart on falling in love with Jesus.

Through short essays, we learn about the struggle of letting go of loves past and looking forward to loves future. Mandy shares her greatest heartbreak, a man who begged the question: Was I your option while you were my choice?

And this is where it struck a chord in my own story. You’ve all heard by now that I was in an on again, off again, untitled relationship that recently came to a final end after several years. I’ve been dealing with a lot of confusion over the entirety of that relationship: Was I really in love (I was)? Did he love me (in his own way, I suppose he did)? Why didn’t he fight for me? Was I right to give up (I was, I firmly believe it)? Why did I let myself become so attached to such heartache?

As Mandy shared her story of healing, I found her words nourishing healing in my own heart and soul as well. The similarities in our struggles was almost scary at first, but as I let her speak to my heart, I felt the love of Jesus washing away every last ounce of hurt.

Just as her Mr. E came into her life to teach her total and consistent reliance on Christ, I believe the same of my own love story past.

This book has left me breathless, sobbing, challenged, inspired and feeling courageous. Vulnerable is a good thing. Heartbreak is a good thing. It all leads to total and consistent reliance on the Lord. And there is no one safer to rely on.

I plan to hold onto my copy for many years to come and mark it up with thoughts over the many rereads that will surely take place, especially when undergoing the painful growth of breakups.

I unabashedly campaigned on Facebook while reading and will do so here:

If you are a single young woman or the parent of a single young woman, or even if you just know a single young woman, this book is key. Purchase a copy for yourself and/or for them. I’m serious. I plan to buy copies for several of my friends.

As Augustus Waters once said, “It’s a beautiful life…”

Even in its uncertainty.

Disclaimer: I received a free copy of this book from BookLookBloggers in exchange for an honest review. I am so very glad I did. I can’t wait to get my hands on Mandy’s other books as I’m sure I’ll eagerly devour them as well.

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My 2 Cents on What Keeps You Up at Night by Pete Wilson

What Keeps You Up at Night, by the established author Pete Wilson, is a book written with the intent to encourage the person whose life is riddled by fear. Wilson wants to show you that the very thing you fearfully and obsessively think about until the wee hours of the night can be the thing that will become your greatest achievement. He pushes you to strive harder and farther than you’d dreamed possible by sharing uplifting success stories and simple deeds you can do today to get moving.

But what should have been a great and breezy read was a bit flat. In fact, my favorite portions of the book were when Wilson was quoting other writers. Which doesn’t speak highly of this book at all.

I will say that I think my low rating is in large part due to my fancy for the book Do Hard Things by Alex and Brett Harris. Once you read that book, you feel like anything is achievable and you are the person to achieve it. I believe it’s the ultimate “chase your dreams” work and everyone should read that.

Buuuuut, having said all of that, if you’re walking into this book without the phenomenal experience of Do Hard Things, you probably will enjoy it. I enjoyed the stories of success shared, the insights into some fail stories and how relaxed Wilson’s prose was.

All said and done, it wasn’t a bad read. 🙂

Purchase your copy here!

Disclaimer: I received a free copy of this book from Book Look Bloggers in exchange for an honest review.

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My 2 Cents on Misconceptions by Colleen Scott

First off, let me just say I have a bone to pick with the author.

WHY WOULD YOU END IT LIKE THAT?! Now I have to wait… 😥

Second, wow- what a thrilling read! I have to admit that the first 40ish pages were a bit dry (well written, just slow moving) as they set the stage for our plot, which is why the score isn’t a perfect 5 stars. But given how incredible the rest of the story was, it’s too deserving for anything less!

I’ve never heard of a concept like this one. Colleen Scott’s story certainly doesn’t fit into a genre box- there’s a mix of thriller, romance, spirituality and mystery. Did I mention this is set in a futuristic world?

This story follows a journalist (Dominique), a businessman (Travis), and a police detective (Houston) who are all trying to thrive in a world where no one is getting pregnant.. except in Ohio.

An eccentric old man believes he knows the reason for this unexplained phenomenon, but it’s so far fetched that Dominique would have to be crazy to pursue the story. Travis is in over his head as he fights to keep his business afloat and his family in the dark about their scary predicament. Houston is kept busy with the tragic murders of pregnant woman missing one thing: their baby.

It’s so easy to get swept up into the world Colleen has created. I cried when her characters cried, laughed when they laughed, and sat stunned and shell shocked at the ending…

Speaking of, still sitting here. Still stunned. Still shell shocked.

Perhaps the author will give me a peek at the next book sooner than later. One can hope! 🙂

Purchase your copy here!!

And while you’re at it, why not give Colleen’s Facebook Page a like? I’m sure she’ll appreciate it and you’ll get the pleasure of being updated on her author-powers. 🙂

Disclaimer: I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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