The Great Purge of 2018 (Part 4)

Well y’all, I’ve been at it some more. Since my last purge post, I’ve said goodbye to:

  • (3) Mason Jars w/ Lids
  • (1) Recycled Pickle Jar
  • (2) Chip Clips
  • (1) Book
  • (1) Bible
  • (1) Charging Station Table
  • (1) Coffee Table
  • (1) Extra Toothbrush
  • (1) Shower Curtain Liner
  • (2) Storage Boxes/Bins
  • (1) Pill Case
  • (1) Magic Eraser

And several other things that I can’t remember.

I also purchased numerous things on my Approved Shopping List (thank you Birthday spending spree that I save up for and thoroughly enjoy) to replace worn out stuff and to fill the gaps.

This will probably be my last post on The Great Purge of 2018. I will continue to keep you all posted if my possessions decrease (as I suspect they will), but having accomplished the goal of The Great Purge, I think we can safely bring this era to an end.


I’m tremendously pleased with the results.

Even though it is KILLING me that I don’t own a well-rounded number of things. Perhaps I will find 26 items to part with in the near future and bring that number down to a much more aesthetically pleasing 250.

If you’ve enjoyed these posts because you’re a freak like me who craves decluttering, then be at peace. I plan to start a new “thing” (not “series” because I suck at follow through and that’s a lot of pressure) where I will share recent partings and greetings (items purged and purchased) as I decrease and increase enough to warrant a post. Perhaps monthly or seasonally?

But for now, I am at ease with the purge.

Or at least,

I am trying to be.

The obsessive need to get rid of junk is satiated to the most part. But there will always be some part of me that craves the process of looking at an item, seeing the value it detracts from my life, and taking that value back by letting it go.

Anywho, here’s to find something else in my WiFi-less home to do now.

The Great Purge of 2018 (Part 4)

The Great Purge of 2018 (Part 3)

Well, I’ve really been at it and have successfully wowed myself with the amount of stuff I’ve been able to bid adieu. So far, I’ve let go of 89 items and have plans to part with another 14 in the near future. I’m sure these numbers will continue to rise as I move along.


  • (3) Steel Measuring Cups
  • Measuring Spoons on a Ring
  • Large Soup Pot
  • Casserole Pan
  • Bread Pan
  • (3) Mugs
  • Steak knife
  • (3) Butter Knives
  • (2) Forks
  • (2) Spoons
  • Serving Spoon
  • Potato Masher
  • (2) Plates
  • (2) Bowls
  • Wooden Bowl
  • (2) Mini-Tupperware w/ Lids
  • Cleaning Supplies Basket
  • Cleaning Supplies Bag
  • (2) Hot Pads
  • (2) Vases
  • Scrubbie
  • Pencil
  • (2) Pens
  • Coffee Jar
  • (5) Hangers
  • (3) Pairs of Socks
  • Scarf
  • (2) Journals
  • Book
  • Skirt
  • (6) Bits & Bobs
  • Lamp
  • Photo Album
  • Broom w/ Dust Pan
  • Drying Rack
  • Exercise Band
  • Wrist Brace
  • Board Game
  • Anne of Green Gables DVD Boxset
  • Screwdriver
  • Large Bathroom Bag for Travel
  • Laptop Sleeve
  • Wooden Chest
  • Diploma Case
  • Bible
  • Pocketwatch
  • Envelope of Paper Memories
  • Blanket
  • Easter Drama DVD Recording
  • Shipping Supplies
  • Extra Nokia Smart Watch Band
  • (2) ACE Bandages
  • Thermometer
  • Snow Brush
  • Ice Scraper
  • (2) Storage Bins
  • (2) Reusable Grocery Bags
  • (2) Sunglasses

I can’t say that I’ll miss ya.

The other fourteen things I plan to let go of are sticking around until I use up what’s in ’em, or purchase the thing(s) that will let me downsize them.

  • 2 Lamps and a Coffee Table in my living room will be replaced with 2 Lamps w/ Built in Shelves = 1 item purged
  • Spice Rack needs emptied/eaten up = 1 item purged
  • Mason Jars and one recycled Pickle Jar that hold food/cleaning/hygiene stuff in them (which I never use) will either be intentionally used or emptied and donated by 9/31 = 4 items purged
  • 1 Lamp and a Charging Station Table will be replaced with 1 Lamp w/ Built in Shelves = 1 item purged
  • Books that will be read by 9/31 or parted with = 3 items purged
  • Scale will bid adieu after my monthly passes and I get a final weigh-in (then I will force myself to stop obsessing and just build healthier habits in general) = 1 item purged
  • Extra new toothbrushes that will be in use and/or given to someone else by 9/31 = 2 items purged
  • Shower curtain and liner will be replaced with a mildew-resistant curtain that can act as both = 1 item purged

So what’s left?

I’ve decided to start and maintain a page on my blog that lists out everything I own (you can check it out here). This may seem a bit “extra” (okay it’s a lot extra, but whatever, it’s my life), but I think the hassle of having to add stuff will easily conquer any urges to rebuild the hoard.

That said, going through everything I own again has also showed me something very important: a lot of my stuff is fairly worn out and needs replaced, and there are some gaps that I should probably get around to filling.

So I’ve started an “Approved Shopping List” of items that I need to get to help with the above downsizing, and to help fill the gaps. You’ll see what I mean when you read it.


The Great Purge of 2018 (Part 3)

The Great Purge of 2018 (Part 2)

I know I told you I would share the results of the purge on a genre basis, but meh. I’ve never been much for follow-through on this blog – why start now?

On the bright side, I did take inventory of my belongings again. To be precise, it was on the second day of my officially WiFi-less world. I awoke at a dark and early 5:00 AM and jumped out of bed, ready to.. well.. be bored until I came up with something.

That something turned out to be a crazed rushing around my apartment, scribbling of notes like a mad scientist, moving furniture around to make sure nothing was missed, breaking a sweat and remembering how severely out of shape I am, the quick jaunt of showering and prepping for the day, and finally, scurrying off to work and transferring all my lunatic scribbles to the gorgeous OCD beauty of excel spreadsheets.

See the gorgeousness??

My fresh inventory revealed that I have passed my goal of purging 50% of my belongings. To be specific…


But it also revealed my lack of contentedness with this number. 371 still feels a bit.. extra.

I know, I know.

371 belongings isn’t really that much. This is especially true in comparison to the 300,000 estimated for the average American household.


It still feels claustrophobic.

And each one of those 371 items feels like a weight on my feet, something tethering me to the earth and restraining me from reaching potential. Any potential. All potential.

So, since I suddenly have all this free time from lack of WiFi and I’ve always been a bit dramatic (okay, a lot dramatic), I’ve decided to really analyze every single belonging, and purge until I get that number below the 300 mark.

It’s likely that when I hit this number, I’ll still feel like I have too much and want to downsize again. I recognize that I have a problem.

I just think it’s a good problem to have.

And as of now, 300 seems like a good number to work towards.

So here’s what I want to do: for the next five days, I will tackle a room or my beloved Ronnie (my Toyota RAV4, if you’re new around these parts).

Let’s see if I can get that number down by 71 items… starting:


Er, tonight..

I’m at work right now.

Speaking of, I better get back to that.

The Great Purge of 2018 (Part 2)