I’m back, babes.

Do you ever feel…

… like a plastic bag?

I can’t tell you how often those lyrics have run through my head of late (much to my chagrin as I loathe all things Katy Perry).  They just so perfectly epitomize life sometimes, ya feel?

Anyway, long time no see. I’ve been sick lately. Like bad, mega, crummy, wish-it-weren’t-so-and-can-I-just-catch-a-break-for-the-love-of-God-fibro-sucks sick.

I’m now on the other end of what was the longest fibro flareup I’ve had to date. From late November to early February, I spent my days crying, eating, sleeping, working, crying, eating.. you get the pic. But like literally. I was in bed for the night by 6pm most nights, sleeping fitfully, hurting painfully. Not to mention the barely breathing depths of depression (because that’s pretty much where you end up when all you do is sleep and work and feel excruciating pain for absolutely no reason at all).

But one day, I just awoke and it was over. Well, the worst of it anyway. I’m back to manageable. I am feeling energy again (what is that?!) and desire (who’s a what now?!)to get my life back together. Which is good, because it’s even pitiful-ier than it was before the worst of the flareup hit and I was already feeling all failure-y. I think I’ve discovered the culprit of this horrifying couple of months (drumroll if you’re into that sorta thing):


Also known as: the meds that were supposed to be helping.

Needless to say, I’m now off them and feeling mucho better. I’ll write up a whole post on this later, ’cause peeps need to know the horrors of the drug that aren’t readily found when researching it.


The last couple of weeks have been catch up. I’ve picked up where I left off with the Great Purge, laundry, getting back in the routine of cooking meals instead of eating icky-for-me-and-definitely-not-enough-nutrients fast food. I’ve started going to church again (LOL – kind of an insider joke, kinda not). I was so fibro-psychically spent from work, I made it to like 1-2 services a month in December and January- which MEGA SUCKED.


Very happily, I’ve now made it to SEVEN services in a row + a prayer meeting and a choir practice (though I was more dead than alive for the latter). Oh, and on Sunday I sang with the praise team again AND did little jumps and air punches at the stupid devil who dared come against me, which -bestillmybeatingheart- was the delight of my worship-God-craving soul. I don’t even care that it meant I slept the rest of my Sunday away because I physically “couldn’t even” after church.

Tomorrow I’m hopping on a plane and heading to New Mexico to see my bestie. Gosh darn have I been missing her since she moved there last summer. It’ll be so good to catch up. I’m thankful the flareup broke when it did, I was really worried I was going to have to cancel which would have KILLED. But I’m feeling better and I’m going and-

wowza life is good..

Seriously, y’all don’t even know how great it feels to step out from behind the thick fog-veil of a flareup. Breathing has never tasted so free. (Is that a saying, or am I still suffering fibro-fog remnants?)

Anyway, just wanted to update y’all on my existence. As in: I still have one.

I’m looking forward to blogging again. Upon my return home, I’ll be retaking inventory of my belongings and sharing the Great Purge (room-by-room as promised) results. I don’t think I’ve quite hit 50% yet, but I’ll tell you, my apartment is feeling pretty breathe-easy of late.

What’cha been up to?



Y’all, life is hilARious. Like slap your mama kinda funny.

You know how I mentioned on Tuesday that I’ll be moving in 2018 or 2019? Well, yeah. I’m actually moving this weekend. Mmhmm. You read that right.

My apartment has had… odor issues since I moved in (turns out it may actually be sewer gas coming from the building next door – which would mean I’ve been slowly getting poisoned for the last year or so – cheers!). They weren’t constant, but would come and go at the most inconvenient of times. Recently, the odors combined with fibro have been making me miserably ill. After the millionth attempt to get my landlord to correct the problem, they offered to let me out of my lease, reimburse me this month’s rent and refund my deposit, so that I can move.



I’m not gonna lie, I’m fairly excited about the new apartment. What I’m not excited about is the headache of moving when I’m at 50% health and the curve ball this will throw into my afore mentioned money goals. Gah. Life.

Trying to think of this as an adventure. ‘Cause that’s exactly what it is.

Since I’ll be moving on Friday, I decided that keeping the clutter around until January 1st is entirely pointless. Why would I move it to the new apartment, only to move it again a week later? Nah, I ain’t about that life. So this morning I dropped off an entire trunk full of donations and gave a very hearty “Merry Christmas!” as I drove away. It felt amazing. Especially since the moment was book-ended by doctor appointments that really had me in a mood.


I’ll have to review my goals and see what’s going to change. I know a couple right off the bat are my “keep it under $1,500” and “pay off $10,000.” They’re going to need some modifying. Hopefully not too much; I was dang excited about that biz.

My apartment is packed and everything hurts, but soon I’ll be thriving in my new home. It’s been a busy weekend.

How was yours?


My 5-Year Plan ain’t Goin’ so Good

The title of this post pretty much sums it up. As I mentioned last week, I’ve decided to spend the remainder of 2017 reviewing my goals and intentions and figuring out how far behind I am + what I can do to make it up before 12:01 AM strikes on January 1st.

The first project was to tackle my 5-Year plan. It was in sore need of an update as quite a bit has changed for me. If you head over there now, it looks fairly different than it did at the start of 2017, but that’s okay. Life changes us, it changes our priorities, our desires. To me, an overhaul of the plan represents the growth I’ve (hopefully) experienced this year.

This is actually Year Two in the plan I put into motion in 2016. Let’s review my original thoughts for the year, shall we?

Pay off remaining debt: I did do this thing. I did it faster than anticipated (thank you random bonus!) and was so relieved once that final payment finished processing. BUT. I guess I didn’t appreciate that feeling of freedom enough, because I jumped right back into the pit and took on a car payment. I will say, the car has proven itself to be quite the blessing, but it came with shackles and I’m not sure if it was my brightest idea.

Continue in school, working towards my AA in Human Services: I did take a couple more courses, but then I quit again. A couple of weeks ago, I blogged about my life as a 4-Time College Drop-Out and why I’m beginning to think maybe college isn’t for me.

Complete the German Mango Languages course: Nope.

Walk/run a 5k: Notta.

Complete the Couch to 5k exercise plan: Yeah, no.

Establish an exercise routine that sticks: Take a guess? Did you say “No”? You’re right.

Finish writing the ebook on Chronic Illness, then self-publish: I made progress on this one and added a couple of chapters. That said, it’s certainly not finished, beta-tested, or published.

Visit Prince Edward Island with my grams: I DID THE THING! Grams I went to the island in early October. Can you say wow? That place is stunning.

Visit 1-2 never been states: Knocked this one out of the park – visited 6 states on my list +21 state revisits. Hello beautiful, US of A. 🙂

Begin fundraising and planning for Undignified Event 2018: I’ve had a few brainstorming sessions and redesigned the website, but that’s as far as I got.

Become a more consistent blogger and transfer to self-hosting or upgrade WP plan: L.O.L. Okay, so I did upgrade my WordPress plan (which is why those pesky ads are gone), but I have been anything other than consistent.

Participate in/win NaNoWriMo: I participated. I really did! But then I gave up. I know there are still 9 more days of opportunity, and I could technically win as I only need 37,000 more words (4,112 words a day is totally doable) but………

As for my 2017 | A Year of Self-Care goals…

The following are the items that remain unchecked on my list (you’ll notice some repetitiveness as a lot of these were pulled from my 5-year plan) :

  1. Stewardship
    1. Pay off remaining debt
    2. Save more money for the future (read: travel, emergencies, new-to-me car)
  2. Self Growth
    1. Start studying German again
    2. Finish writing the first draft of my e-book
    3. Walk/Run a 5k
  3. Health
    1. Gluten-free all year
      • Third Quarter: July, August, September – I fell off the bandwagon…
      • Fourth Quarter: October, November, December – I’m still off it…
    2. Only drink soda once a week
    3. Use previously mentioned gym membership – One time, then decided to cancel as it was so awkward
    4. Keep up with Doctor/Dental appointments all year long
    5. Check into getting braces and make decision once and for all
    6. Fix that posture girl

What now?

I’m going to be real here, a lot of this still applies to my life but isn’t very likely to be accomplished by 2018. So I’ve compiled a list of tasks that are achievable, and hopefully will be achieved, by the new year. These tasks are more specific and less “in general” than most of what we’ve just review. Hopefully that helps my success rate climb a little higher..

  • Start the German Mango Languages course – just one lesson and I can cross this off.
  • Walk 10 miles. That’s 2 per week that remains this year, it’s totally doable.
  • Write 1,000 words for the chronic illness e-book.
  • Write a minimum of 5 more blog posts, so that one post goes up every week that remains this year. (✔)
  • Make lady doctor (✔), dentist (✔), and eye doctor appointments (✔) for December and/or January (based on availability).

That’s it. With those five steps, I’ll feel like I’ve accomplished something that kind of sort of realigns me with where I’m supposed to be right now.

This post is getting long, so I’m going to sign off here with promises that more exciting goal-posts are coming soon (minor sarcasm used with the term “exciting”).

What are some things you’d like to accomplish before the year is up?

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