Who’s Rachel?

Hey there!

I’m Rachel Allene, the author of this here blog. I’m 23 and feeling free… to chase dreams, tackle change-everything-about-my-life-and-GO projects, and pursue the One who sets my soul on fire (that’d be JC, er, Jesus Christ). I write about pretty much anything that strikes my fancy or inspires my pen, though you’ll often find a common theme of minimalism, adulting attempts, and Jesus.

This blog used to be an outlet for my thoughts and musings about the chronic illness I developed (Fibromyalgia), but ever since God healed me, I’m more focused on chronicling my journey to becoming The Woman I’ve always wanted to be.

I was born in Ohio, the second of four kids. I graduated high school at 16 because I was bored and wanted to move on already. Four years later, I received my Advanced Diploma (an unaccredited college’s version of a bachelor degree) from Purpose Institute in the field of Ministerial Studies. After multiple attempts at secular college, I’ve decided to stop wasting money on the idea of an accredited degree and just pursue the best life I can make with my own two hands, faith, and the Lord’s provision.

Now I’m doing life as an office admin and sales assistant for a construction-related company (whoddathunkit) while I continue developing my skills and talents to soon take a leap of faith and become full-time self-employed in ministry. Oh, and I’ve done some extensive traveling all over the US of A, and a wee bit of Canada, in the interim.

I hope you’ll enjoy following my story as I work to get from being a bored young woman with lots of aspirations to an experienced world-adventurer with lots of not-so-tall tales.

And because I’d be a fool not to extend this invitation: hit me up in the comments – I do so love to chat. 🙂

Here are some reader favorites to get you started:

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2 thoughts on “Who’s Rachel?

  1. Hi Rachel,

    I’ve checked in on your blog periodically over the last several years, since discovering your post on long hair! I just read your update on being healed and wanted to say, “Wahoooooo!!!” and praise God!! Looking forward to seeing what’s next in your ministry 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Laurah! Thank you so much for commenting and for checking in. I appreciate that so much! God is so, so good and I am thrilled to be living my new, normal life (well, as normal as a crazy gal like me can live). Thanks for celebrating and praising with me!! ❤ ❤


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