About the Blog

Hello there! Welcome to Rachel’s Rambles, the place where I (Rachel) ramble. Go figure, eh? I’m a born and raised Ohio gal who hit the big TWO-THREE in September of 2017, and I’m still unsure about this whole adulting thing. And by unsure, I mean that I’m sure I don’t like it.

I’m currently working full-time in office administration, and while it’s ‘aight, it’s also not my dream life. No worries, I’ve got plans on plans to get myself headed in the right direction, and this blog is the place to follow my journey to a dream life.

Here, I talk about minimalism, managing my money on my way to debt freedom, faith, being sick all the time (Fibro warriors unite!), and journal about life in general, too. I hope you’ll enjoy following my story as I work to get from being a clueless young woman with lots of aspirations to an educated adventurer with lots of not-so-tall tales.

Hit me up in the comments – I love to chat. 🙂

Here are some reader favorites to get you started:

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Why I don’t cut my hair, wear skirts and avoid makeup.

My Hair Care Routine: how I healed my damaged hair without cutting it

Why I Hate the Color Purple


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