Welcome, You!

Hello there! Welcome to Rachel’s Rambles, the place where I (Rachel) ramble. Go figure, eh? I’m a born and raised Ohio gal who hit the big TWO-TWO in September of 2016. I might be getting old (LOL – right?) but I’m still unsure about this whole “adulting” thing. And by unsure, I mean that I’m sure I don’t like it.

I’m currently working full-time in office administration while also attending school full-time to eventually, one day, possibly, hopefully become a historian. I am working my butt off now so that one day I can sit back on that same butt and think to myself “What a life.”

This site is a collection of my thoughts, from my journey in faith to thriving in a life of chronic illness. I hope you’ll enjoy following my story as I work to get from being a clueless young woman with lots of aspirations to an educated adventurer with lots of not-so-tall tales.

I hope to see you in the comments of each post or in my inbox at RachAllene(at)gmail(dot)com! I’m glad you’re here!

To read my diary, click here!

For encouragement or thoughts on faith, click here!

To read about what life is like with chronic illness, click here!

For my 2 cents on movies and books and sites and things, click here!


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