Y’all, life is hilARious. Like slap your mama kinda funny.

You know how I mentioned on Tuesday that I’ll be moving in 2018 or 2019? Well, yeah. I’m actually moving this weekend. Mmhmm. You read that right.

My apartment has had… odor issues since I moved in (turns out it may actually be sewer gas coming from the building next door – which would mean I’ve been slowly getting poisoned for the last year or so – cheers!). They weren’t constant, but would come and go at the most inconvenient of times. Recently, the odors combined with fibro have been making me miserably ill. After the millionth attempt to get my landlord to correct the problem, they offered to let me out of my lease, reimburse me this month’s rent and refund my deposit, so that I can move.



I’m not gonna lie, I’m fairly excited about the new apartment. What I’m not excited about is the headache of moving when I’m at 50% health and the curve ball this will throw into my afore mentioned money goals. Gah. Life.

Trying to think of this as an adventure. ‘Cause that’s exactly what it is.

This morning I dropped off an entire trunk full of donations and gave a very hearty “Merry Christmas!” as I drove away. It felt amazing. Especially since the moment was book-ended by doctor appointments that really had me in a mood.


I’ll have to review my goals and see what’s going to change. I know a couple right off the bat are my “keep it under $1,500” and “pay off $10,000.” They’re going to need some modifying. Hopefully not too much; I was dang excited about that biz.

My apartment is packed and everything hurts, but soon I’ll be thriving in my new home. It’s been a busy weekend.

How was yours?


6 thoughts on “Relocating

  1. Congratulations! That’s awesome, though definitely puts you in that crunch position. We did the up-sizing for some personal reasons that didn’t work out and while we did grow our ‘stuff’ because we weren’t in the right mindset we’re fixing it now. I think you’ve got, to borrow an older lady saying, ‘ good head on your shoulders’ and will stick to your values. I can’t imagine you letting things into your space if they don’t add value.

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  2. You go, girl! ❤ Two months ago, my husband and I moved from a 4.5 room to a 2 room apartment. We gave each other one month to find a new place and two weeks to find someone to take our previous apartment. It was a crazy month, but at the end, it was worth it. It really pushed us to get rid of all the garbage and clutter in our house..


    1. That’s really downsizing! Way to go!! I’m actually nervous because I’ll be upsizing from a studio apartment to a 1 bedroom. Gah- the minimalist in me is cringing. Fingers-crossed this doesn’t give me an excuse to keep/hide clutter in the future. I’d like to keep this “liberated” feeling going. I have another trunkload to donate later this week, and anticipate finding more belongings to part with as I unpack and have to find places for anything I chose to keep. We’ll see! 🙂

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