I realize we’re now 1/3 of the way through NaNoWriMo, but I figured it was still worthy of mentioning. If you’ve never head of NaNo, it’s an international event that takes place annually during the month of November. Every year, celebrated authors and wannabe writers (er, me) alike join each other in solitude as they tackle the task of writing 50,000 words in the span of 30 days. The idea is to develop a habit of writing, and to finally record that story you’ve been kicking around in the attics of your brain for the last decade.

I’ve attempted this great feat innumerable times, but this year I’ve made it farther than ever before.

Sure, I’m waaaaaaay behind (like 10,990 words behind), but I’ve managed to continuously contribute to a story this month. I’ve met my word count goal exactly twice thus far, but can we just take a second to appreciate the fact that I haven’t given up? For instance, today, I’ve added another 100 words to my story.

I know 100 words is nothing.

It’s barely a paragraph.

But it’s the evidence that I’m still trying to be a writer. Since the inspiration to capture words on paper has re-struck the same spot twice (lightning reference if that was too stupid a reference to bother catching – I’m almost embarrassed for having written it.. almost), I figured I should also re-dream the notion of becoming a world-famous authoress. Er, not likely.

Who knows though, maybe I’ll find a free day and the words will flow like honey and I’ll catch up on all 10,990 words and then somehow write the other 33,330 words and then polish it and publish it and get on a bestseller list and tour to talk about the effect of the written word on society… I mean none of this is likely either (what is likely is continually falling further behind), but it’s a nice thought.

In any case, I’ve truly re-developed an appreciation for authors (a word which heretofore refers to people who managed to finish their story-thought, published or unpublished). Taking on a story is such a massive task that requires focus, discipline, and tireless ignoring of the self-loathing inner monster.

Speaking of which, of the 5,680 words currently in my manuscript, exactly all of them are total crap. Like embarrassing, god-awful, mortifying crap. This manuscript will never see the light of day. But once the story is there, maybe I can go back and polish it up enough to make it worthy of a novel. Again, reaaaally not likely.

But enough about me! Is anyone else attempting NaNoWriMo? Please share of your failures so I feel less alone! Also, add me as a writing buddy? RachelAllene is my username. See ya over there! 🙂


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