We Encountered the Ark, Beauty and the Beast, and My Boyfriend with His Squad

Hey guuuuys. Long time, no see.. again. This time, I am with excuse(s)!

Shortly after my last blog post, I got to experience the joy that is wisdom teeth extraction. I barely escaped with my life (this is only 50% a joke). Ensuing was a night in the ER and a lengthy recovery process (still ongoing). I’m feeling rather lazy on the topic, so if you’re interested in that comical-though-terrifying escapade, I’ve included a screenshot of my Facebook status that narrates the adventure.

I’ve been soooo busy, and the weekend before last was the something-better-tasting-than-a-cherry on top! My family and I went to Kentucky to have an Ark Encounter.

Let me just say- what a wow factor that thing has. When you’re driving up to it, it’s not terribly impressive. When you’re walking under it, holy-cannoli. And to think that a boat this big was built way way way back in the day? Wow.

The weather that day was perfectly-arkish, as you can see. I’m not sure if that thing can actually float, but it sure felt safe.

While we there, we got to see some goats fighting (mom thinks they were playing, but I dunno man) and Sarah and I crossed camel-riding off the bucket list. I learned that camels can live to be 50-60 and that the little (massive) guy we were riding was a mere baby 7-year-old.

Also, all that swaying you see the actors doing when riding in the Mummy movies? That ain’t no joke man. You can get seasick on the back of one of those bad boys!

When we arrived back home in Ohio, the gals and I went to see Beauty and the Beast, where we ran into my boyfriend and his squad.

ignore the exhausted-looks-like-i’m-dying vibe.. it was a long weekend and fibro was still being a jerk about the whole wisdom tooth thing

Let me just say, that movie was AMAZING. And if you’re hesitant to go see because of the “gay” stuff everyone has been saying about it, well I better see you boycotting Amazon, too, because there’s plenty of “gay” stuff there, and that’s all I’ll say about that (fibro brings the feisty out of me, sorry y’all).

Oh, actually, I will say that if you’re worried about bringing your kids, they’re getting more gay exposure from the TV shows you’re watching than the three 2-second (is it even gay?) scenes in the movie, but do be warned about the violence for the really little kiddos. There’s a pretty nasty.. crunch… towards the end.

(Please disregard the sarcasm with which I’m treating the Beauty and the Beast boy-cotters. I just think they’re being silly.)

crap quality cause theaters have terrible lighting.. sorry…

Now that I’m feeling a little better (emphasis on little), I’m really hoping to get blogging more often again. I’ve got a quite a few posts up my sleeves and I’m sure itching to share. 🙂

We Encountered the Ark, Beauty and the Beast, and My Boyfriend with His Squad

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