2017 | A Year of Self-Care

2017 | A Year of Self-Care

  1.  Stewardship
    1. Pay off remaining debt
    2. Pay cash for vacation
    3. Save more money for the future (read: travel, emergencies, new-to-me car)
  2. Self Growth
    1. Start studying German again
    2. Finish writing the first draft of my ebook
    3. Get a gym membership
    4. Walk/Run a 5k
    5. Create a game plan to blog better (now just to initiate said game plan)
    6. Purge social media accounts
    7. Organize Closet Space
    8. Purge apartment once a month – more items out than in! This does not include perishables like food and hygiene products.
        • January (102 items out, 27 items in)
        • February (12 items out, 17 items in)
        • March (lost count.. oops)
        • April (count is still going, I’ll add at the first of May!)
        • May
        • June
        • July
        • August
        • September
        • October
        • November
        • December
  3. Travel
    1. Visit one new start on my Places to See list
      1. Planning a road trip to MD, DE and CT with my sis!
    2. Get my first passport
    3. Visit Prince Edward Island
  4. Health
    1. Gluten-free all year (wee!)
      • First Quarter: January, February, March
      • Second Quarter: April, May, June
      • Third Quarter: July, August, September
      • Fourth Quarter: October, November, December
    2. Only drink soda once a week – FAILLLLLLL
    3. Use previously mentioned gym membership -One time, then decided to cancel
    4. Keep up with Doctor/Dental appointments all year long
    5. Check into getting braces and make decision once and for all
    6. Visit the chiropractor as long as he feels necessary
    7. Fix that posture girl – daaang!