I accomplished a thing.

I was totally going to write up a big post about glorious goals and such for the month of May that would go live at precisely 12:01 am on May 1st. Alas, I was lazy and did not, so that is not the thing I accomplished.

I did, however, tackle some other mega areas of life and social media because:

#goalsforlife and #alifeforgoals

As Sarah said in our Cousin Tag Video on Youtube, I’m occasionally overly ambitious.. though this month I did not try to save the world (SARAH)…

All I did was make some goals and kick those goals’ butts:

  • I finished my 25 books reading goal for the year (Woohoo! My lazy New Year’s goal was accomplished!), so I added 10 more to the pot.
    • I did not, however, finish any of the books that I was planning to kick off my TBR (several classics and biographies I started reading ages ago)
  • I read 50% of the 150+ articles I recently realized were on my “Articles to Get To” Pinterest board. This is the board where I send all the pins I’d genuinely like to read but don’t have the time to tackle just then. After I read the article, I either delete the pin (more often than not) or transfer it to an appropriate board. This helps me keep my sanity and make sure that each board stays clutter free and only has articles with good content. My “dump board” (which may be a more suiting title) now proudly stands at 73 articles (it was down to 50 something, but I built it back up – Pinterest will be the death of me). 🙂
  • I took a look at my budget and figured out some ways to cut back and came up with a few more things to sell. #minimalism
    • I drastically reduced my Verizon data plan.. I’m not sure this will last, I’m just gonna test it out decide whether or not to make it permanent later. I cut down 66% of my data for just $15 in savings.. is it worth it?
    • I sold a commentary series my dad didn’t want and said we could keep or get rid of anyway we’d like.
    • I also scheduled several hundred dollars worth of extra work over the summer. For me, the hardest part is scheduling the work. Once it’s on my calendar, it’s a piece of cake.
  • I purged the site of articles too old to remember and articles too embarrassing to admit to, then patted myself on the back for growing so much as a blogger. *bows deeply*
  • I fixed links and updated images on most of the remaining 99 posts- which was a real pain in the butt to do – and added my social media links at the end of each post. #growthatblog #thatsnotahashtag #stillhavetwentysomethingtofix #oops
  • I ran my first ever article series across several blogs and it felt like a major success so I’m totally calling it a success. #dealwithit #thatisahashtag
  • I went on a road trip to North Carolina with my dad, Thomas and Sarah, thereby making me two steps closer to completing my goal of visiting 3 states this year. I’ll accomplish the goal entirely next month when I hit up Tennessee with my family! Can’t wait.
  • I’ve been walking more. It helps that I know I’ll eventually get tan now that the sun is out.
  • I’ve officially gone from paler than white to a pale but healthy skin color! *cheers* I should note that the picture above was from our road trip at the START of the month and I am now less pale than that. 😀

What have you accomplished this month? 🙂

I accomplished a thing.

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