10 Excuses for My MIA-ness

I know I’ve been missing for a while. Facebook tells me I haven’t shared anything with my followers for seventeen days now. Whoops.

I should correct the bad behavior but I’ll give you 10 excuses instead. And because I’m really not feeling a lengthy post, I’ll just do a quick list. You’re welcome. 😉

  1. I’ve been really sleepy lately. I sleep a lot. Naps all day e’ery day.
  2. I’ve been writing my memoirs and it’s emotionally exhausting.
  3. I’ve been hanging out with friends on the weekends (from driving an hour and a half one way to spend a couple of days exploring my friend’s city, to spending an entire day at the Ohioana book festival – and because I’m stupid I totally didn’t get footage/pics).
  4. I’ve been cooking more. Living gluten/meat/lactose free is time consuming.
  5. My family has been under a lot of stress so we’ve kinda been holing up at home on weeknights.. No wait, that’s just me.
  6. I kind of gave up for a bit last week. Like legit couldn’t care less to be human so I wanted to be a cat but they eat raw meat and ew so no.
  7. I’ve been dealing with flare-ups as Ohio figures out its weather situation. Oh and migraines cause duh.
  8. I just don’t care to post right now. Nothing blog-wise has my creativity going so I’m kinda failing. But no worries, that’ll be fixed soon as I’m working on a project that will launch in May…. 😉 I was actually working towards monetizing this corner of the interweb, but then it made me tired to think about it, so I pulled the plug instead, I guess.
  9. I’m binge watching a lot of shows, from Property Brothers to documentary series to The Office.
  10. Obama…. kidding. Chill!
10 Excuses for My MIA-ness

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