The Toxicity Trend

As I so often am, I’m going to be unbearably straight up with y’all today. I’m struggling to cut things out of my life that I know are bad for me, because, well, I enjoy them. This goes for gory movies (okay, now I sound psycho), far too romantic novels (and by that I mean unrealistic romance that instills discontent in my heart) and secular music that I dig just because it has a “sick beat” or even Christian music that just makes me feel all depressed because it only talks about the problems in life (I’m gonna do another post on that later) and just barely mentions Jesus.

All of this has me thinking a lot about toxic things lately.. toxic food, entertainment, relationships. It seems to me that we’re (myself obviously included) submitting ourselves to toxic things because even though we know they’re bad for us, we take perverse enjoyment from them.

We write songs about toxic relationships, the obvious songs being “Toxic” by Britney Spears (which we instantly judge) and “Poison” by Beyoncé. One song about toxic relationships that I personally enjoy (though primarily for the beat drop – shoooooey!) is “Clarity” by Zedd.

We indulge in an entire bag of m&m’s because that chocolate is sort of making me feel better about the stressful, painful day at work and who cares if my heart is now at greater risk of developing disease.

We kiss face with the guy who repeatedly hurt us because there’s just something magnetic about him that keeps pulling us back.

We watch movies that fill our minds with violence and glorified affairs (I hate Best of Me by Nicholas Sparks.. If you’re a person who loved that movie, I’m wholeheartedly judging you -.-) and start to think that maybe this is just the way things are, so why bother trying to change them.

Why are we so eager for toxic things?

Junk food – kills us slowly, but we all love it.

Depressing music – destroys our mood, but we listen to tons of it.

On again, off again relationships – tear down our ability to trust, but we keep going back for more.

Stressful work environments – makes us unhappy and worn out, but we don’t look for something else.

I don’t have the answer here. It’s just something that has been weighing on my mind. We’re so obsessed with toxic things that we’re focusing our energies on them, rather than on healthy relationships, foods, entertainment.

Take, for instance, sexual immorality. I know this is a touchy subject, so I’ll tread lightly.

We struggle with lust. Every single one of us does. It’s the natural sinful way of our hearts, but it’s unnatural how often we struggle. A huge part of the issue is that sex is being thrown at us from every outlet: our advertisements, our movies, our music, our books.

But even knowing this, we have a hard time cutting those things out of our lives. We have a hard time looking away when we pass Victoria’s Not-So-Secret stores, and turning off the radio when a catchy tune like “All about that Bass” (a song entirely about sex and digging butts) comes one. Why?

Maybe it’s just me struggling to bid toxicity adieu.

I don’t think it is though, or plays like “Romeo and Juliet” wouldn’t be a thing. By the way, I hate that play. It’s literally advocating for suicide to get your way. That’s despicable.

Suicide is a real problem in our society today. People need to know they’re not alone, not that murdering yourself is a viable option to escape pain. Let’s all become more aware about this too-often-stigmatized mental illness and what we can do to prevent it or help people battling it.

*steps down off sort of unrelated soapbox*

The Toxicity Trend

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