10 Reasons Adulting is Hard

Happy Saturday! I’m sitting here at my desk just thinking about how stinky it can be to be an adult, so I figured I should let y’all in on it.

  1. Your paycheck is here and gone within minutes. Thank you, oh glamorous bills.
  2. You can’t sleep in anymore. The circadian rhythm is real and sleeping in aggravates that beast.
  3. You actually want to go to bed early, instead of stay up watching TV and reading and hanging out with friends and family. Seriously. Your eyes are drooping by 9 pm.
  4. On that note, staying up all night means feeling puke-y and dizzy all day the next. Blech. Goodbye ability to survive on energy drinks until 48 hours later. Hello, new tradition of sleeping the new year in.
  5. You have to drive yourself places. I know it seems small and insignificant, but oh my gosh it’s a pain. I remember the days when an hour-long car ride was a chance to read for an hour.. now it’s a time to stare out a window, bored. Unless, of course, you’re road tripping and there are plenty of new sights to see… but you’d have to have money to do that.
  6. Laundry. Yeah. That’s all I gotta say about that.
  7. No more snow days. You still have to drag your butt out of bed and get to work, even if a level 2-er is raging out there.
  8. But worse than no snow days? Say goodbye to summer vacation. Gone are the three months of living for the spontaneous moment. Now you live for the extra hours you can pick up at work to help pay off the debt you racked up trying to pay bills during fall, winter and spring.
  9. Debt. Student loans, medical bills, stupid splurges on stupid Macbook Airs…. Debt’s ugly and it’s a pain. Avoid it at all costs. And not just because the Dr. (Dave Ramsey) tells you to. Trust me on this one.
  10. You have to decide your life. No one can tell you “no, don’t eat that whole bag of m&ms before supper” or “save $20 of that allowance so you can use it on a rainy day” or “clean your room by 10 am tomorrow or your grounded.” Nope. You gotta find it in yourself to do those things.. and you try to because if you don’t, you feel like a loser at adulting.

What are some reasons you dislike adulting? Let’s all gripe today. I’m feeling it! 😉

10 Reasons Adulting is Hard

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