Dear You[th].

I’m only 21, but in my short life I’ve learned a lot. I’ve stood witness to the death of dearly beloved friends and family several times over, watched the battles of a life time against cancer and other life threatening illness, and fought for my family after divorce. I’ve faced down a lifetime diagnoses of pain and illness, defeated anxiety and depression in the night and stood in front of a thousand people to declare Jesus is Lord.

I graduated high school when I was 16 and ministerial school when I was 20, I’ve raised funds and orchestrated praise and worship events that reached hundreds of people, helped raised the necessary funds to feed 500 homeless, watched people I’ve prayed for and talked to give their lives over to God, I’ve run myself ragged in helping plan and implement church events, and written and directed dramas to portray the grace of God.

I’ve met expectations and surpassed them because I wanted to do hard things for God while building my relationship with God.

And you can, too.

You may be spending countless hours thinking of what you want to do to better yourself. Maybe your goal is to eat healthier, pick up a side job or to graduate high school. Maybe your goal is to simply survive the terrible environment you’re forced to live in.

And those are all good things. Those are important things.

But why not make it your goal to do something bigger? While you’re spending this time dreaming of a future, why not ask God to give you something hard to do right now?

I challenge you to come up with a life altering goal that will save another person heart ache, physical hardship or even their life. Get involved in your community charities, give the gift of a lifetime to a homeless person, win a soul to the Lord, build a well in Africa.

It’s time to stop saying you’re young so you don’t have to amount to much right now. You do. You were created and designed for a purpose. Age, sex, ethnicity, talents.. those are just labels we use to excuse ourselves from hard work. But what if you ignored the status quo expectations of others and started changing the world early?

Because right now, you have the creative energy, passion and drive to mark the world with your existence. The only thing you need is a relationship with God and an idea. The world is quite literally yours for the taking.

So care for a child in Africa by giving money each month to provide food, clothes and water. Host a fundraiser again and again until you have enough money to build a house for a family struck by tragedy. Save your money until you can go over seas and proclaim the Gospel or start up a Bible study for the youth in your neighborhood.

You don’t have to wait until you’re old enough, smart enough, or prepared enough.

Dare to dream up the impossible now and work until it becomes reality. Don’t be discouraged if you fail to see instant results. Just keep working, keep praying and eventually you will see your dream unfold – often sooner than you hoped.

I’m challenging you to stop making excuses and work hard towards dreams and goals that will change the world, and it doesn’t have to be one person at a time. The sky is the limit and I believe in you. This life is yours. Wow us.



Dear You[th].

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