February’s Word: Less


Random thought before we get into today’s post.. I was browsing through my instagram feed (as I occasionally do to reflect on my life thus far) and found this picture from last summer. I loooove snow and winter and think it’s absolutely beautiful.. But I do miss enjoying a nice mug of coffee out on the front porch swing, surrounded by the sounds of nature and those adorable yellow flowers. But anyway…

I’m excited to begin a new month. We’re already 33 days into the new year and my resolutions have fallen apart. That’s okay, in my opinion, because I went into them understanding that resolutions often fall apart. My goals were five-fold:

  1. Fight for my health: zero gluten and soda, exercise thrice weekly and get on a sleep schedule
  2. Live smarter: live on a budget, save more and spend less, find affordable health insurance, build knowledge, and learn guitar
  3. Work hard: start my own business, blog twice-to-thrice weekly, and write a book
  4. Enjoy life: cross five items off my bucket list, say yes to adventure, try new things, be okay with days in which I accomplish nothing, and relax
  5. Embrace me: be okay with loving the color black, stop finishing books I don’t like, pick a new word each month to focus on.

My health goals, well.. I’ve flunked out. I exercised like six times in January.. But hey, that’s better than nothing, right? I definitely had cheat days and while I’ve cut way back on soda, I still drink it.

But I have been living smarter! I’m on a budget, I’m still on the prowl for affordable health insurance (if you know of anything super cheap, bare minimum coverage, please let me know), I’m reading classic literature and nonfiction, and I’ve started teaching myself guitar (because a certain-someone keeps ignoring my request for them to teach me.. le sigh).

As for working hard.. I’ve been trying! So I’ve only been posting once a week, at least I’m dependable in that. I did put in effort towards my business in January, quite a lot actually, but God has asked me to wait on that, so I’m listening. And I’ve been mulling over the book idea for a bit now. I’m currently writing an Easter drama for my church, but I’ll probably start the book soon after it’s finished.

I’m enjoying life and embracing me! I’ve been making more time for friends and things I enjoy. My wardrobe has slimmed down several items since the start of 2016 and each day it reflects me a little better. I’m feeling pretty accomplished in this department, to be completely honest. *pats self on back*

But it’s time to get serious for the month of February. I’ve noticed a trend in my life and that is clutter. I’m not talking about physical clutter (I’m a practicing minimalist), rather the emotional and mental crud that jams up my life. I’ve been trying to figure out what is at the root of this stressful clutter and I think I’ve figured it out: media.

I spend a lot of time with media, be it on the social medias, catching up on a favorite show or watching a new movie. Sometimes I binge watch YouTube videos (especially now that Sarah and I are making booktube videos – but a post on that later) or dilly dally on Pinterest. In whatever form media takes, it sure does suck up a lot of time.

So for the month of February, I’ve decided to contemplate the word


I’d like to watch less, live more. Eat less junk, enjoy whole foods more. Drink less soda, become re-addicted to water. Goof off less, work hard more. Spend less, save more (I still haven’t got this as under control as I’d like, even with a budget… granted part of that is due to a cut back in my hours at the library.. but anyway).

So here’s what I’m doing to cutback:

  • zero eating out for the entire month on my own dime (except for my NYC trip)
  • 1 TV show or movie per day
  • 1 soda per week (this week’s is already taken due to a dizzy spell 😦 )
  • go to bed earlier and get up earlier (I’d like to be asleep between the hours of 11pm and 7am)

It hit me yesterday that 2016 is 1/12th over. As in we have 11 months left. That’s it. And I still want to make the most of my 2016, so I need to get my act together! There’s still so much to accomplish. I mentioned in my post about 5 things worth waiting for that I tend to rush through life.. Well now it seems life is rushing through me. I need to find a way to slow it down so I can achieve more of my dreams. Maybe focusing on less will help me do just that.

February’s Word: Less

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