10 Things I’ve Learned so Far in 2016

I know it’s only the 4th of January, but I’ve learned so much already. Here’s a list version because let’s be real, we’re all too lazy for a paragraph- just like I was too lazy to make this a lengthy post. 😉

  1. Sparkling Cider is not delit-chous (my new way of saying delicious.. judge me). It does not taste like fizzy apples.
  2. My body doesn’t like melatonin. No matter how small the dosage. It makes me sleep through all my alarms.
  3. Yoga is not easy and makes you feel stupid and dead.
  4. Don’t eat the 5 day old chicken in the fridge, even if it looks and smells just fine.
  5. I’m officially too old to stay up until 4 am, watching chick flicks with friends.
  6. I really do get sick if it snows. It snowed today. And now I’m sick.
  7. Getting a new down comforter was both brilliant and stupid. My room looks more put together, but my bed refuses to let go of me in the mornings.
  8. Using a favorite song as my alarm in the mornings does help me wake up, but only long enough to finish the song, then I’m out again.
  9. Getting up early truly means you get loads more done in your day. It also means you’re ready for bed by noon.
  10. Eating healthy requires eating more. Green stuff goes straight through the stomach. It’s like you never even ate five minutes after you ate. Good thing I don’t feel hunger pains. Just nausea, dizziness and migraines. Le sigh.
10 Things I’ve Learned so Far in 2016

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