2016 Resolutions!

As the hectic Christmas season fades, we begin looking toward the future.. a land brimming of opportunity and dread because we don’t expect ourselves to live up to that opportunity.

Er, maybe that’s just me.

New Year’s Day is quickly approaching and after reading over my 2015 resolutions, I feel a bit failure-ish.

I failed to be 100% gluten-free, I failed to read 101 books, I failed to exercise twice every week and I failed to consistently blog.

But I did eat waaaaay less gluten, I did read 33 (hopefully 35 by New Year’s) books, I did exercise somewhat regularly for a while, I did manage a blog post at least every week or so, often times more, and I definitely spent more time with the Lord and delving into His word.

So yeah, 2015 wasn’t perfect. But gosh-darn-it, I did swell given what I was up against.

And with that in mind, I’m going to continue in the trend of setting far out there goals for myself. There’s a great big world of chances out there and I plan to take some.

So let’s get to resolving.

I am going to fight for my health.

I will do this by getting myself on a sleep schedule (apparently that’s important). I will stop cheating and be 100% gluten-free all year long (and yes, I do expect this to be difficult.. but I’m tired of breakouts and nasty stomach problems). I’ll bid soda adieu, primarily because it’s bad for me, but also because I’m not fond of the effect it’s been having on my stomach lately. And finally, perhaps most importantly, I will say hello to exercise thrice weekly. It probably won’t be a year full of big workouts and muscle building, but even 10 minutes of movement several times a week is better than the none I’m currently doing.

I am going to live smarter.

Unfortunately, it’s time to be an adult. Honestly, when I hit 21 it was like a switch flipped in me and I just decided to grow up *shudder*. I’m currently obsessed with things like living minimally, budgeting and growing myself. So for 2016, I want to encourage those themes.

I will remain accountable to a budget life style, something I’ve recently implemented. I enjoy crossing items off a list and funnily enough, that enjoyment has carried over to spending certain amounts within certain categories, then crossing it off when it’s time to stop spending.

Speaking of, I will save more and spend less. My car is a miracle. I can’t believe it hasn’t died on me. I need to rebuild some savings so that when it does, I can deal. Oh, and also to keep myself from tacking on more medical debt. I’ve got way too much of that as is.

I plan to finally find some health insurance that I can afford. Even if it’s not great coverage, some is better than none. In 2015 I spent a lot of time in the ER, Urgent Care and doctors offices. While I’m hoping to spend a great deal less time in those places this time around, I want to be prepared for those rainy days that Dave Ramsey promises will come.

On a more fun note, I want to continue building my knowledge of random events and people and places. I want to read more biographies and nonfiction. I want to crack down and relearn the German I’ve forgotten since high school, plus some. I also want to finally learn guitar… I dunno what’s taking me so long. Oh, oh! And I want to start saving for a cello so I can begin taking lessons in 2017.. that instrument is magic and it would be a dream to be able to play.. but they run like one grand for a used cello and an extra five to six hundred for a bow.. Yikes..

I am going to work hard.

I am a big dreamer and love to tackle huge projects that seem impossible. One such project that I’ve recently begun is starting my own business. That may seem cray-cray since I’m only 21, but I’mma do it. I want to be a professional organizer and after countless hours studying, prepping and working pro-bono, I’ve decided it’s time to turn it into a profitable business. This is definitely going to take work as I’ll need to consistently drum up new clients, learn how to do business taxes and research the crap out of sole-proprietor business laws and things.

Aside from that, I’d like to blog more frequently. I apparently can’t handle five times weekly as I had hoped, but I can manage twice to thrice weekly.. right? So let’s see if I can actually do it.

And finally- I’m going to write a book this year. There. I’ve said it.

Now I just need to do it. heh

I am going to enjoy life.

When life is hard, you gotta really seek out the fun. This is the year I will not say no to adventure. If it’s a trip, I’ll go, if it’s a new experience, I’ll try it (though I reserve the right to avoid the ocean and refuse sea food and frog legs and innards of any kind – BLECH). I will cross off five items from the bucket list (hopefully spontaneously jumping in a pool will be one of them 😀 ) and I will be okay with days in which I accomplish literally nothing.

Rest is vital for a chronic illness like mine and I’m terrible at resting. I’m so afraid of being lazy that I’ve forgotten how to relax… It’s a problem and this is the year to fix it.


I’m going to embrace me.

I like the color black. Scratch that. I love the color black. I like how bold and simple and classy-without-even-trying it is. So I’m going to embrace this love and let my wardrobe reflect it. Gone are the days of forcing myself to purchase and wear bright colors and feel uncomfortable in my own skin because people think I’m weird for my obsession with black.

It’s time to stop forcing myself to finish reading books I don’t like. Life is too short to waste on a novel that can’t keep my interest- there are far too many stories out there that need reading. So this year, if I start book and don’t like it, it goes.

I’ll try new things but if I don’t like them, I’ll quit. For instance, I recently decided to give coloring a go as a stress reliever because it gets rave reviews from all my friends. I went to the store and purchased a very cheap coloring book and some colored pencils, rushed home and got to coloring… and I hated it.

It stressed me out to color. I couldn’t stand how unrealistic the color of the coloring pencils was, or how it was a different color than I expected based on looks, or how I accidentally barely scratched outside the line because my pinky cramped. *shudder* Just thinking about it makes my skin crawl.. Anyways, I donated the coloring book to a doctor’s office and I now feel free. I plan to do more of that in 2016. I don’t have to keep forcing myself to pursue hobbies I’m simply not enjoying.

To further the cause of embracing myself, each month I’ll pick a single word to focus my energy on. It could be anything from “relax” to “explore” to “unicorns.” The point is to pick an interest and zealously attack it. Okay, that sounded far darker than I meant it to sound.. But hopefully you catch my drift.

So that’s what I’m thinking for 2016.

Some of these goals are teeny tiny and will be easy for me. Most of them will require discipline, hard work and dedication. But I know that through it all, God will be with me and I can accomplish anything that I truly set out to do.

Goodbye, 2015. You were a year full of heartache and life-altering pathways. It was rough, but it was worth it.

Hello, 2016. Let’s see what you’ve got.

2016 Resolutions!

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