Why I don’t cut my hair, wear skirts and avoid makeup.

You may have noticed something’s a little different about me. Namely:

  • I don’t cut my hair
  • I wear knee-length skirts (or longer)
  • I avoid makeup

Let me start by saying: it is not my religion that makes me live this way, it is my relationship with Christ. My religion is made up of two things: caring for those in need (homeless, fatherless and widows – more thoughts on that here) and caring for myself as the temple of the Lord. My relationship with God is the unique standard by which I live my life. I don’t live under the law, but grace and love, which I express in reciprocation through the way I live- a set apart life style.

I beseech you therefore, brethren, by the mercies of God, that ye present your bodies a living sacrifice, holy, acceptable unto God, which is your reasonable service.And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God.

-Romans 12:1-2

This is something that I have chosen for my life because of my ardent desire to live a lifestyle that is holy and acceptable unto the Lord. I AM NOT SAYING that I think you will “go to hell” if you don’t live by these standards. Salvation rests very securely in the hands of the Lord alone. I’m just explaining the why behind my own life.

This is a topic I could passionately rave about for hours on end, but I don’t want to keep you here for that long.. you may feel kidnapped and not want to come back. So I’ve narrowed each topic down as much as possible with some spiritual and some carnal reasoning. Hopefully this doesn’t turn into a decade long ramble. 🙂

Why I Don’t Cut My Hair

I used to take my long hair for granted. I found it annoying and frustrating and tiresome and a big bother overall. There was too much of it and I had no clue what to do with it. But as I started battling illness, my hair started thinning. I didn’t notice it much at first, but as the days went by, my hair continued to become shorter and thinner from breakage and fall out. One day, I was looking in the mirror and realized that my hair was half its old length and about a quarter of its thickness.

I’ll admit it. I sobbed. That was probably the first moment when I realized just how sick I was. As far back as I can remember, I never had struggles growing my hair and was only annoyed by how much and how fast. Now, suddenly (well not-so-suddenly, but it felt suddenly), I was among the ranks of women whom I’d seen tear up and mourn the loss of their hair due to various illnesses.

From that day forward, I purposed to take better care of my hair. Which brings me to my second reason:

When I realized that I was taking for granted a gift from God, I made a covenant with Him to take better care of it. Scripture says that a woman’s hair is her glory (1 Cor. 11:15) and is symbolic of her submission to God and the men over her life (1 Cor. 11:6-12… submission: a highly debated topic for another time 😉 ). I vowed to take care of my hair and treasure this gift.

Now I take vitamins and nourish these brown locks with oils after each wash. I don’t use a brush (only a wide tooth comb) and I’ve stopped teasing it and curling/straightening it except on rare occasions. I don’t dye/perm it, and am doing my best to embrace its natural unruliness. Finally, I don’t cut it, because every inch of it is valuable, no matter how long it gets. By all appearances, I have very healthy hair. It’s still falling out and breaking, which breaks my heart, but it’s in God’s hands. I’m doing the best I can, the rest is up to Him.

(Edit One Year Later: Because of the massive volume of requests, I finally wrote a post about my hair care routine. I’m so pleased to say that my hair has grown lengths and bounds since I wrote this post a year ago, in November of 2015. You can read about how I did it here!)

Why I Wear Skirts

I am a woman. I am so very proud of how God has designed me in a feminine way, according to His original plan. True pride in one’s gender means to embrace the strengths and limitations of it (example of strengths: ability to empathize and see the grand picture; example of weaknesses: nagging tendencies and monthlies. Need I say more?). I want to look as much the part as I can because I love who I am.

The woman shall not wear that which pertaineth unto a man, neither shall a man put on a woman’s garment: for all that do so are abomination unto the Lord thy God.

-Deuteronomy 22:5

I know there are pants for women and pants for men, personally I just don’t feel it’s enough of a difference. Anyhooo, I wear skirts because they’re the most widely recognized symbol of a female in our culture. I wear longer skirts for modesty purposes. I’m not particularly fond of showing thighs and bums. I don’t think it’s attractive or classy. I like class. I’ll stick with class.

Aside from that, skirt-wearing is not a weakness. I feel powerful in skirts (I am female, hear me nag!.. just kidding, just kidding!!! 😉 ) because I feel natural in them. Of course, this comes with practice and you have to learn how to be modest in them (like when you’re laying on the ground at work, trying not to pass out and have your feet propped up on a chair: hint, tuck the back of the skirt between your legs, it’ll stay up). When you get used to wearing them, skirts aren’t a nuisance.

FAQ of the Skirt Wearer:

Don’t your legs get cold?

My legs, strangely enough, rarely get cold. If they do, I just throw on some tights or knee-high socks and call it a day.

What do you wear to bed or to work out?

This varies for all skirt wearers, but I wear pants to bed and to workout at home. I usually go for the baggy sweats, because personally I don’t like to have my bum hanging out. When I’m working out in public, I either wear gauchos (really, really loose pants) or a runner’s skirt (a skirt with leggings attached).

The best and most used answer I give to any question is that annoying phrase my mom always says: where there’s a will, there’s a way.

Why I Avoid Makeup

I was raised to appreciate the natural beauty God gave me. I’m not saying I’m drop dead gorgeous, I’m saying that I feel beautiful because I know I was designed by the hand of our Creator. Each flaw (and I do have plenty) each blemish (I’m afraid to count the number of zits on my face right now) is just a reflection of my humanity. It’s my heart and actions that actually reflect myself, and both were designed to serve the Lord.

For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus unto good works, which God hath before ordained that we should walk in them.

-Ephesians 2:10

Aside from that, I want to mention that I feel really awkward in makeup. It feels like putting on someone else’s face. I don’t like not recognizing myself in a mirror. I do wear makeup for theater (though it’s been some time since I’ve had the energy for that). But that is simply for the purpose of appearing to have a face from the audience’s point of view. heh

The very biggest thing I can say about not wearing make up: ohemgee I sure do save a lot of money.

— — —

And that about wraps up the simplified version of why I don’t cut my hair, wear skirts and avoid makeup. If you have questions or want more details, please feel free to comment or send me an email. I’d love to ramble on some more. 😉

What are your thoughts on caring for our hair, skirts and makeup? (Keep it friendly, y’all 😀 )

Why I don’t cut my hair, wear skirts and avoid makeup.

225 thoughts on “Why I don’t cut my hair, wear skirts and avoid makeup.

  1. Susan says:

    Hi Rachel your article is very well written. I too wear dresses or skirts,don’t cut my hair and don’t wear makeup or earrings because I too want to obey The Word Of God. I have been living this way for about 13 years now and not one day have I regretted that choice. Most people do not understand my choice but do not challenge it. The people that do have a problem with it simply will not serender to God and live by the word. God Bless You on your journey. You are a living testimony and a wonderful example for young girls and boys.


  2. Ruth Barrett says:

    Ladies, I think she is telling you why she does these things. I know how it feels for people to scorn you.
    They say are you better than us? You try to explain and they get self righteous.How do you work in skirts? She wants you to know why she does it. The scriptures are clear.There are lots of things we fail at. But he gives us chances to rectify them.it also speaks of a last day wedding when we meet our groom.How do you want to stand in front of him? If you want to be in pants then do it. If you want to dress as he has said then do it. All we’re saying is we want the same privilege that of those who do wear pants. It’s a 2 way street. See’s not telling you to do it but she’s telling you WHY SHE DOES IT. HOPE YOU ALL HAVE A BLESSED DAY!! SOMETHING TO PONDER AND THINK ABOUT. GOD BLESS


  3. Kathy Byers says:

    Speaking of girding up the loins, who girded up their loins at the first Passover ? The whole household were eating in readiness to quickly leave Egypt. They left the land in haste. The long robes were impeding to God’s people so they were told to gird up their loins. Did only the men gird their loins to leave quickly only to wait on the women tripping over their robes ?
    The hair issue. Why did Absalom cut his hair ? Scripture says… Because it was heavy, it weighed about 6 lbs . Men naturally have more strength than women. The weight of his hair not being cut for a year apparently was a hindrance to him. Could the weight of a woman’s hair cause her physical pain? Yet, she is supposed to bare it even though she doesn’t have the strength in her neck like a man ?
    I wholeheartedly believe in modesty. I wear pants and cut my hair. I work in a factory and had been backslid for many years. God in his great mercy has drawn me back and I completely changed. I am separated by how I conduct myself. Like a Christian, the fruit of the Spirit being manifested.
    I also have this question. If you put 10 men in a line and they all have jeans and a t- shirt on and short hair how do you distinguish who is the Christian. Always seems to be we want to say the outward appearance of dresses and long uncut hair and no makeup is a godly woman, but a godly Christian man can look like any other man in jeans and a t-shirt.
    By their fruit, their love shall you know they are Christ’s disciples.
    I found out on returning to The Lord, yes He does want me to dress modestly. He wants me to do justly, love mercy and walk humbly with God. Love him with ally heart and my neighbor as myself.


  4. Debbie says:

    I am a Christian and loved by God. I personally don’t believe in these concepts. Doesn’t matter what you wear or how long you hair is or what’s on the outside doesn’t make the heart pretty. I have seen many dressed like this that have ugly hearts just like some that wear pants and short hair can have ugly hearts or be totally beautiful on the inside. God looks at the heart only. Too each his own if it makes you feel like you have a pretty heart fine. I just don’t feel the need for it.


    1. Marilyn says:

      Some ppl dress like this because they feel it’s the law, which renders it useless. It’s something that has to be on the inside and then work its way to the outside and is done as an expression of our love for the Lord. Anything we do should be an expression of our love for Jesus Christ and ugly hearts is not one of them. Everyday I start my day off with a special prayer, “Father I thank You sooo much for a really good night and for this day. I pray that you will help me to rejoice and be glad in this day and help me to have an attitude that pleases you. Also, pls lead me to someone who is in need of You.” It’s amazing how much my life has changed with this very simple prayer. One day I was in a store where I demonstrated a very ugly attitude toward a manager. As I was getting in my car, the Holy Spirit was giving me a real “whipping.” After I finished loading my car, I went back n2 the store, with tears pouring down my face. I found the wronged mgr, who was meeting w/ other mgrs. In front of everyone, with tears still flowing, I went up to her and apologized for my behavior and I hardly noticed that all the other mgrs. had excused themselves.


  5. amber says:

    If you used to be Pentecostal And you are now dressing the way you want I’m sorry but you are backslide and you know in your heart you are wrong if not then you might have already been turned over to a rebabate mind and the devil has his own Tongues Just like God does God said I change not I’m the same today yesterday and forever more


    1. A H says:

      That’s pretty judgmental. You should take a good look in the mirror. You don’t know what is in her heart or what her relationship with God is.


  6. amber says:

    Pants are pants ether way if you wear them to bed or to work out tour in public if its wrong to wear them its wrong to wear them everyone not just some places and when I suits you to


  7. OK I have to say this, I know the Apostolic / Pentecostal ways well, but as far as the dress code goes I have a hard time with the fact that when the pants fit the need of something they are doing than suddenly it becomes OK to put them on, As I see it is this, IF THE BIBLE SAYS NOT TO WEAR THEM THAN DON’T . i DON’T SEE ANY WHERE THAT GOD SAYS IT’S OK TO DO IT TO SLEEP IN OR TO PUT SHORTS UNDER YOUR SKIRTS WHEN YOU GO TO THE PARKS or OK for P.J.s or leggings under your skirts when it is cold, People make excuses to put them on when it is necessary for them but than judge others when they do it as a life style, I love the Apostolic religion and ways and I couldn’t go to another church BUT I AM WHO I AM AND I ONLY FEEL JUDGED BY PEOPLE NOT GOD. so don’t tell women one thing and than turn around and do it and make an excuse for it. again if God says Don’t than Don’t. Period.


    1. I have to say that I agree with this reply. I understand that there may seem that there are circumstances that make you feel as though you “need” to wear pants, but I can say from personal experience that it’s simply not true. I can work out in a skirt without pants underneath, maybe I can wear tights instead or just do an exercise routine that doesn’t require movements that may put me in an immodest position. I too used to think that Apostolic girls who never ever wore pants for any reason were going over the top, but like Donna said you cannot make excuses for certain reasons and make it okay. There are certain things I may choose to not do because I don’t feel that I could be modest in a skirt or perhaps something that you could go so far to say that is inappropriate for a woman. Although some women do, I personally would never choose to be in the military in any capacity because I will not wear a man’s uniform. I would not work a job that required me to wear men’s pants. I don’t ever wear pajamas…truthfully I don’t as I don’t believe that I should ever be wearing anything that resembles a man’s garment, even in privacy because God can *always* see me! I would not involve myself in other activities that require me to wear pants because those things are obviously not meant for me to participate in. We as women are different than men, thus we are not capable or are not meant to be doing the exact same activities as men. I personally believe that a good part of celebrating our femininity is never having to apologize from being different than men because God intended us to be different always.


  8. Glenda says:

    Im not even going to weigh in on this subject.. but I will giving you life giving info for your hair!! for all you ladies who do not cut your hair to keep it healthy, this will be a miracle product… I work in the beauty industry and there is a brand new oil based product out that is beyond a blessing for hair! it is called LANZA healing haircare… the oil in it penetrates the hair shaft and heals it from the inside out..it also now has proven to stop THINNING hair… the shampoos and conditions are brilliant the oil that is in them does NOT leave your hair oil, but instead give you beautiful BODY AND SHINE!! it also makes your blow drying time less!! they also have the oil separately but I am in love with the shampoos and conditioner.. some people use the oil itself as a leave in conditioner instead of using a conditioner… all I can say is dry and split ends are nearly impossible with this product.. for those of you who choose NOT to cut your hair!! ENJOY


  9. Debby says:

    If you feel you should follow one verse from Deuteronomy 22, why do you not follow all the others? For example, verse 11, “Thou shalt not wear…woolen and linen together”? Shall we stone a damsel whose new husband hateth her because she was not a virgin when he married her? I was raised Apostolic and have found too many standards are chosen from verses in the bible and other verses ignored.


    1. Ronald says:

      Agee, I’ve been in this all my life and there are so many variations of modesty. I feel Deuteronomy 22:5 deals mostly with homosexuality.and most of these rules have been preached and handed down for so long they’ve become law in some ranks.They were written several thousand years ago, in a different culture, and different time. We should diligently pray and seek God in understanding and following his word, but be very careful to balance out God’s word with man’s word.


  10. RB says:

    I used to belong to an organization that practiced these “standards”. What ultimately broke my heart was the number of people who were discouraged from attending because they thought they could never measure up to the dress code. There was too much focus it. People would assume that because a visitor had pants, short hair and makeup, that they obviously no relationship with Christ, and would want to “get them saved”. From my observation, it is a slippery slope when we spend more time on how we dress and piling 200 curls on top of our head with hair sticks (which ARE jewelry), than we do spreading the simple gospel of Christ. We should be known by our fruit. Our character should speak for who we follow. I believe 100% in modesty, but that may not necessarily be in a skirt. When I made the choice to do something different than what was on the “outward appearance code” , it actually changed my relationship with Christ for the better. I was free from judging others who didn’t dress like me. Ironically, I lost many friends who shunned me for my choices. Thank God that I am now in an assembly who loves me, loves the Word, loves all people, and pus their focus on a relationship with Christ and grace to others. This is a great article to share your beliefs with others. I am not against anything you have written, I urge caution on anything that focuses too much on appearance and not enough on the gospel itself. Blessings to you!!


  11. Brooklyn.Annette says:

    I really enjoyed your post. Many a time it is hard to describe the reasons that we do what we do to live out our faith. I strongly believe in conviction, and if God convicts you of something, you better listen and obey. Personally, I wear pants, but I am very careful about the types I do wear. I believe they should be feminine but not too showy or short. But that’s me. Also, I do cut my hair, but I feel very convicted if I cut it past a certain length, but again, that’s my convictions. Every once in a while, I wear make up, but I believe in natural beauty.
    I strongly support your beliefs, and I truly understand where you are coming from. I respect you very much for what you believe in and how you stand for it. Also, I respect the fact that, even though you stand for your beliefs and don’t seem to waiver from them, I have noticed that you haven’t been condemning people for their personal beliefs. I respect and love the way you handle people’s “constructive criticism.” You simply state your beliefs and why you believe that way, and you leave it at that. Most of the time, “Christians” seem to argue their beliefs with others. And personally, I don’t believe that anyone, no matter what religion, should bash anyone else’s beliefs. I just wanted to say how much that meant to me.
    I pray that your sickness, whatever it may be, will be healed soon. Healing doesn’t always come in this life, but sometimes in Glory is when healing comes. (I lost my best friend due to cancer. It took me a while to grasp that concept of healing coming in different ways and times. But I pray that God will continue to touch you and heal you. (I hope I didn’t offend or discourage you with the previous statement, honestly.) You are very beautiful and inspirational. I can’t wait to read more of your posts.
    -With love in Christ ❤

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    1. Hi, Brooklyn!

      Thank you so much for your gracious comment. Arguing is tiresome. It’s much easier to share an opinion then let the discussion go and leaves both parties satisfied. All anybody really wants is the chance to share their “why”. I shared mine, it’s only fair that I allow others to share theirs. 🙂

      In addition to the wonderful comment, thank you for your prayer. Healing is a difficult concept to learn. I have lost friends whom I thought God would “heal” on my terms. He healed them in an unexpected way: by taking them home. The beauty of a relationship with God is that we might get some crazy hard stuff to bear, and we may have to bear it until we die, but He always gives us the strength to bear it.

      You definitely did not offend or discourage me. It’s okay for people to disagree. That’s normal. I respect you, too. 🙂

      Blessings and love,
      -Rachel ❤


  12. kay says:

    This is informative for me. I grew up in church and my sisters and I always wore dresses / skirts to church but modest pants/shorts everywhere else. I’ve always seen women like you and I wanted to know the reason why but I felt it was rude to ask. Thank you for the explanation.


  13. Tim says:

    if woman should not wear anything that pertaineth to a man, nor a man to a woman, what about in Scotland? The kilt is a skirt, right? does that mean they are an abomination?


    1. Hiya, Tim!

      In Scotland’s culture, a kilt can be very masculine so there’s nothing wrong with that! Here in America, the skirt is symbolic of a woman (an example is the stick figure on restroom signs), so I make the choice to wear skirts. I hope this clears up confusion! 🙂

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  14. I’m 13 and I am a young apostolic girl. I have long hair and I wear skirts everyday but i struggle with commitment. I have urges to slip on a pair of pants when I’m with my friends because they always ask and make fun of me for it. Even when I pray and think I’m doing good, another urge hits me…. Do you have any advice?


  15. Alyssa Pare says:

    I’m 13 and I’m an apostolic girl. I do the same thing you do but I have a hard time committing my whole self to the Lord. I am tempted to wear pants all the time and when I pray and think I’m doing good, another distraction or urge to be like my peers hits me. Do you have any advice?


    1. bill says:

      Be not conformed to this world. But be year transformed by the renewing of your mind. Women were in pants as never been in the apostolic churches until the last few yrs. Christian are suppose to be set apart from the world. And now days u can’t tell them apart. It makes me sick and I don’t even go to church. But to listen to Christian talk there message is not what can I do to get closer to God its what can I do to live my life closer to the world. I no its all what’s in the heart is what Jesus. Is concerned about. That’s why he said from the abundant of heart the mouth speak and when it does its all about looking like the world. Instead of that city seat on a hill that can’t be hid. Dress like the old apostolic did u be that light that the world sees or follow after the new apostolic movement your light will go out cause you’ll blend right in with them. Just a thought!


    2. Hi, Alyssa!

      Let me first say that it is extremely brave of you to openly speak about the temptation to cave and ask for help. God uses people who are willing to be open. I understand that temptation. So many of us face it! I face it from time to time. Unfortunately there is no cure all while we are here on this earth.

      I would encourage you to pray, pray and pray some more. When your finished praying, read His Word and pray again. Find an accountability partner; someone who will challenge you and ask hard questions. We are all just trying to get through this short time world and we need help to do it. There is no shame in that.

      When I feel tempted to cave, I ask God to convict me to the point that I’m physically ill. He has certainly answered that prayer countless times.

      Be willing to do whatever it takes to live holy, but don’t condemn yourself if you mess up. We’re all flawed and dependent on grace.

      I will be praying for you, honey. Keep pressing forward. Don’t give up!

      Blessings, dear one!
      -Rachel ❤


  16. Hey!!

    I just want you to know your post was great! We see pretty much eye to eye except the p.j.’s but that’s nothing to divide over! I think so many people bring their emotions to the table not realizing you’re not sharing this to divide but help describe your walk! I also feel set apart and feel it is important to clean the inside as well as the outside to best represent our Redemption through His purchase of our lives through His precious blood! When you really see it, you will do anything for Him and to represent His Faithfullness to set you apart! You are doing great! May we all keep encouraging and speaking truth in love and getting closer to him!

    You are doing a great job of not engaging in arguments! Being patient and gentle to teach… Not everyone is called to this, but I am also grateful for the Lord to show me that when I was nothing, He purchased my Salvation and gave me a better walk! A change from the inside out!
    2 Timothy 2:22-26

    Keep sharing!!
    Also, Romans 12:1 was my scripture of the day! “I beseech you therefore, brethren, by the mercies of God, that you present your bodies a living sacrifice, holy, acceptable unto God, which is your reasonable service.”

    Love and Blessings!!!!!
    Rachel L. C.


    1. Well hello there, RACHEL! 😉

      Thank you for your kind words. I agree. This is nothing to be divided over! We should be excited when we see people taking steps further to get closer. Whatever the cost, He must come first! Thank you, thank you, thank you for your kindness.

      Love and blessings!
      -The Other Rachel 🙂


  17. Sara says:

    Thank you for sharing- I found this link on Facebook and curiosity got me (jeje). You know, I was born Apostolic but like many, I gave a few steps back. I would go to church with pants, my little jewlery and no veil. I felt the presence of God, which brought confusion. Nevertheless, God is soo good in His mercy. I wanted to get earings and when I asked Him, He said no because it does not please Him. Slowly He is bringing conviction to my life and I no longer wear make up. The more I open to Gos the move conviction His Spirit gives me. I agree with everything you say. Funny, now I cant wear pants because of my conviction.

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  18. Sumer Gale says:

    So thankful for this post! It is kind, to the point, and explains everything perfectly. So very refreshing! It’s awesome to see a young lady my age with such a genuine heart for kingdom things! Never stop. This generation needs some more Rachel’s!!


  19. Michelle Fridley says:

    Very short and sweet article on these subjects. Thanks for sharing what you have learned from study and prayer. We are each trying to get closer to God and His ways! I love skirts, and I enjoying hiking and playing with the kids and babies in my church in them (I have found the longer skirts are easier to move in)! I love my hair, but am loosing it due to health and age. I am comfortable in my skin, after struggling for years to accept myself.
    I’d like to recommend a book for anyone who is interested in the topic…it’s a fun book to read, and deff a good one for teens on up!
    ‘The Girl in the Dress’ by Lori Wagner and a few other ladies.

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    1. smilzsomuch says:

      The Girl in the Dress is a fantastic book! I’ve been raised Apostolic/Pentecostal and STILL enjoyed/gleaned from it! I don’t EVER want to have an unteachable spirit nor lay down my convictions.
      I also bought this book for my DIL…as a gift. She loved it!


  20. Julie Capes says:

    I love this article. Very good. I love to exercise , but will not do so in a skirt , it’s so uncomfortable for me, but I do not wish to offend any other sisters if I do this and they happen to be in the same gym as I’am … so I have not been to exercises about a year. I miss it terribly. I prefer the sweatpants and I would do the skirt with leggings thing. Btw…where do I find that??


  21. Jennifer says:

    I used to be a part of this “cult”/religion. They are far too concerned with the “uniform” and lack the ability to actually BE Christ-like. I know very few (usually a few generations before me) that actually love as Christ did.

    As far as “man’s apparel,” when that was written, men wore robes. If they needed “pants,” they tucked the back of their SKIRT into the front of their belt and basically made culottes. Therefore, the modern pants are still not men’s apparel. Even in the men’s department.

    The “uncut” hair was actually incorrectly translated from Hebrew. Its literal translation is “long.” Long hair gives a woman power over the Angels. Makes your prayers more powerful. I believe the reason “backsliders” cut their hair almost first thing is the same reason people did in the Bible. Cutting the hair was a sign of mourning. When someone “backslides,” it is typically because someone who wears the uniform hurt them tragically. For example, child molestation and spousal abuse. But the pastor won’t do anything because the MAN is the head of the household. He can repent on Sunday morning, preach from the pulpit Sunday night, and beat his wife and kids Sunday evening. But he’s the MAN, so it’s all okay. They forget that he is to love his wife as Christ loved the church. If I remember correctly, Christ DIED for the church. He never mistreated them. He treated everyone with respect.

    I was in this religion for twenty years, so I know from YEARS of real Bible studies and indoctrination what is actually Bible and what is not.

    I still have my basic core beliefs (Acts 2:38), but I believe God is less concerned with your outward appearance and more concerned with your relationship with him and with others. So many sit in the pew with their beehive hair and ankle-length skirts and gossip and spew hatred. Definitely not Christ-like.

    When I wore long skirts and had hair past my butt, yes it originally started because I was born into it. However, as an adult, when asked why, I told them it was because I wanted to. Not because of man’s interpretation of the Bible and it’s “rules” to get to heaven.


  22. I like your comments a lot, but I’m very concerned about your fibro. I’ve had it for 35 yrs and it’s a horrific disease. You’re sooooo right that most things that are pushed at us last for a few days and then there’s a BBBIIIIGGGGG crash. The best thing that has happened to me is that I had a sleep study done by a certified sleep specialist. When I was properly medicated, 50% of my pain was GONE. Then I was put on Gabapentin, which had recently been discovered was great for fibro but it’s original intent was for seizures. It was learned that fibro is not the usually kind of pain that ppl suffer, but a neuropathic pain and that’s why Gabapentin was soooo awesome. The usual pains can be quelled by various meds but not fibro. What makes things even worse is that it’s a disease rarely understood by friends and fam and most doctors because we don’t look like” we r ill. After this treatment I was able to get up and go back to work after 8 yrs of being unable to do hardly anything for myself. This was about 20 yrs ago. I’m now old and don”t work, but I thank the Lord for sooo many years of an improved life because b4 this treatment life as just not working for me.


    1. Hi, Marilyn! Fibro is a terrible fight. I’m sorry it has been so hard for you! I was on Gabapentin for about 8 months, but 4 weeks ago I decided to stop taking it (with my doctor’s permission) as it was making me sicker, even though pain was drastically lessened. I’m still on the prowl for a medicine that will help in my circumstance. 🙂


      1. Luv this! My daughter is so excited and is sharing this with her friends. It helps to express our feelings about why we do what we do. On another note, I just saw your comment on fibro and let me tell you I know the struggle! I too had been on Gabapentin, but I am no longer taking it. Not trying to make a sales pitch or anything but i do want to share what has been helping me…. Please visit my website, bech77.truvision.com, I have been thoroughly blessed by this new product and what it has done for my quality of life.

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  23. Taylor says:

    Hey Rachel,
    So I have a friend who does this and she keeps trying to get me to church and such. She even sent me this article. Let me say I’m an atheist. I have bright purple hair. I love makeup and I wear it everyday. I’ve worn “daisy dukes” and skinny jeans. I still have morals though. I don’t drink, or do drugs, and I’m a virgin. When you say you wear skirts to be modest or “to not excite a man” do you realize men are still going to have thoughts? Skirts (no matter how long) are a sexulized thing. Just my thoughts. No hate.


    1. Hi, Taylor!

      I 100% understand that no matter what I wear, men will have thoughts. In today’s culture, some women will as well. In our very sexualized world, sexual thoughts are inevitable. That’s why I didn’t use lust or modesty as a reason to wear skirts. I readily admit that sometimes pants are more modest than skirts.

      The thing is, modesty isn’t just about covering up, it’s also about redirecting attention from self to God. The more covered I am, the less of me there is to distract from Him. I would love to do a post on true modesty some day, if that is something you would be interested in reading.

      Regarding this post, I wasn’t saying I wear skirts to be modest or to quote-on-quote ‘protect’ men from sexual thoughts. I wear them to look as feminine as possible in today’s culture.

      I hope this clears up the confusion!

      Blessings, darlin! 🙂 ❤


  24. Sharina says:

    That was a great post!! I have been battling cutting my hair and this post came across my Facebook page at the perfect time. We serve an on time God…Thank You


  25. I really enjoyed reading this. I’ve never personally felt convicted for wearing pants, makeup, or cutting my hair, but if I ever do I will stop. Thank you for explaining your beliefs while not condemning those of us who don’t have the same convictions. This brings about a lot of clarity to questions I’ve wanted to ask apostolic people and felt awkward.

    Very well written. May the Lord bless you and keep you.


  26. Shandy Watson says:

    I think this blog was great! And a very positive way to talk about such a touchy subject.

    I was not raised apostolic but came into the church at age 17. I struggled with holiness standards at first but could not refute what the word of God said.
    I did research the scriptures and also biblical commentary on the scripture in Deuteronomy and found some interesting points. Yes, men and women in that time did wear robes. But there were specific distinctions between the garments for both sexes. When men worked in the fields and were doing their labor they would do something called “girt up their loins”. They would take the back hem of their robes and bring it up between their legs and tuck it into the front of their belts. Thus making makeshift pants, that would allow them more freedom of movement to do their job. Women did not do this and this was only one distinction men and women had back then.
    Also, think of pants as a modesty issue. Men are visual creatures. And pants outline every bump and curve of the female body. Women’s bodies are shaped much different and a pair of pants can make it easy for a man to fantisize and it wouldn’t be hard for them to imagine what is underneath.
    For centuries, women did not wear pants. It was not a burden or uncomfortable. It was understood that there was a distinction and it was natural. During the Sufferage movement in 1869-1920, did women start to wear pants (bloomers) under their skirts. It wasn’t because it was more comfortable or stylish. It was to prove women could be dominate over men. To Sufferage activists, Women were superior to men. And they felt in order to be superior you needed to dress like a man and cut your hair short like a man. (Ex. The 1920s famous Bob hairstyle).
    The Bible clearly states (before the law) that God made both Male and Female to be distinct from each other. Why? Because joined together they made One flesh. Two halves make a whole. Male traits would compliment the female traits. Because of Adam & Eves fall into sin a curse was put on the Man & Women Genesis 3:13-19, and it clearly says in verse 16 “your desire shall be for your husband, and he shall rule over you”.
    Pants, hair cutting, even make up was born out of a rebellion against male authority. Against godly principals. The enemy would love for women to remain ignorant not only of the Bible but of our own history as a country.
    A very good book to read if you like to continue the study about this is ” A Hair Short of Glory” by Penny Watkins.
    Thank you again for this blog!
    Shandy (Ministers wife in Tennessee)

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    1. Hi, Shandy! Thanks for going into so much depth. This is such an expansive topic that it would be easy to ramble on for hours. It’s really great to hear that a woman in ministry enjoyed this post. Thanks for the book tip- I do love to read!


  27. Stephanie says:

    Could you email me at panicatthefallout@gmail.com? I have a few questions pertaining to the makeup thing.. to be blunt, your explanation here isn’t very compelling to me. I would love to understand more. I am newly Pentecostal with a Baptist background, so I’m trying to understand it all. Thanks!!


    1. In part it’s because makeup is covering up our true selves – like a mask. It is most often used to attract a man – and can incite feelings of lust. It can be because of pride – we think we can look better than we do – as though God made a mistake in the way He formed us. We are to allow God to be seen in us – not to draw attention to ourselves. Also, historically, makeup was used by women of “ill repute”. In the bible, it is often seen as being used by such women – or to imply sin. Think of this – I’m sure nearly everyone has heard this comment – “If a barn needs it, put a coat of paint on it” when justifying why women should wear makeup. However, a barn is made of dead trees. We are living creatures. You wouldn’t paint a living tree. Again – it’s a principle that we must apply to our lives.

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  28. Ashley says:

    I have been raised the same way with the same beliefs and I struggle with it daily… Whoever, I don’t give in to the devil.. But I do think and understand if God convicts you of something then you should NOT do it.. If he covicts you over pants then you should not wear them at all.. You can pray and search the bible till the end of time but if you think about it, he has already gave you the answer.. Pants are wrong.. No matter where you wear them or what kind they are.. And if your going to wear them in the house then you might as well wear them in public…
    But I have really enjoyed reading this and it has blessed… Feel free to email me if you ever wanna talk about any Christian topics.. I enjoy it..


    1. Donna says:

      The gospel is the gospel if it can be preached in every corner of the earth. I’m not trying to be rude or disrespectful but you cannot go into the jungles of Africa where what they wear is nothing to our styles and is probably pretty skimpy and preach for the women to wear skirts only because that is a tradition of man, they would not listen to you and not know what a dress is. You would only preach the gospel and that is Jesus Christ and him crucified. You could not expect some african/ Indian to start wearing dresses. It’s not what we wear that makes us holy or saved. Don’t get me wrong I firmly believe in being very modest in dress and actions and I am pretty strict with my girls. I believe if you are a real Christian with a personal relationship with God you will not want to dress immodest. I feel confident as a female whether I’m in a dress or pants. Please don’t take this as being rude I promise it’s not my intent, thanks and God Bless.

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      1. Cultures differ, and at times the way God’s Word is carried out may seem to differ. However, the principle doesn’t change. Adam and Eve were naked until they sinned. Their idea of covering (leaves) wasn’t sufficient. God gave them clothing of animal skins to cover them more completely. I know of instances in which Africans who have heard the gospel do change the way they dress in order to please God. They don’t argue. They just do it because they want to please Him. Once a principle is taught, behavior usually changes.

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      2. I 100% agree, Donna! And you weren’t rude at all! What we wear does not save us. Our salvation rests securely in God’s hands and we live our lives as holy as possible to thank Him for it. I would never expect a woman to trek through the jungles of Africa in a skirt. I would never expect an entire culture to change their dress to meet my American expectations. Skirts are the most widely recognized symbol of a woman in our culture, so I choose to wear them. 🙂 God bless you! 🙂


      3. Not to be rude or anything but being African and ACTUALLY living in Africa my whole life, i know for a fact that Africans(even those in the ‘jungles of Africa’ like you put it) generally dress more modestly than Westerners. If we’re gonna give examples, can we at least make reference to things that we actually know? Cause that was actually pretty offensive, especially considering the fact that I myself, along with my family and many other friends dress and live modestly: skirts, long hair, no makeup and all. Africans are not the archetypal Western depictions of big-red-lipped really dark strangers lurking in the darkness that you think they are. Many ARE actually educated and they ARE actually familliar with the gospel and hold true to it..and they DO actually know what a dress is (seriously though?). Up until recently dresses made of ethnic motif material was all they wore until Western influence creeped in with trousers…so again, if we’re making examples, how about we refer to things we actualy know about? It makes your comment a whole lot more credible and valid.

        Rachel, thanks for your insight and sharing. I have a few comments and issues but that’s for another day I guess. God Bless You and I wish that you recover and stay in good health. ❤


  29. I particularly appreciate what you said about what sickness/illness has done to your hair…After a surgery 5 years ago, I lost about half of my hair – by the handfuls and breakage reigned on my head. My hair has always been “sparse” and is very fine, so I had balding spots all over – this did nothing for my self esteem. Thank you God that ALL my self esteem wasn’t wrapped up in my hair! Additionally my hair has always grown very slowly – about 1/2 – 1 inch per year – so it took YEARS to get my hair below my waist – before surgery – now it barely reaches past my shoulders; but I nourish it as best I can, trying to eat healthy, I use safer shampoo and I trust God – for everything; but He knows this is something meaningful to me, so He has listened and I no longer have all the bald spots, I have newer “baby hair” as of the the last couple of months and the rest, one day at a time.
    I have signed up for your email – so I look forward to seeing “what’s up”. God bless!


    1. Thanks for subscribing, Elane! I’m so sorry for your loss. It’s a terribly painful thing. But God’s grace and strength are sufficient. I’m glad to hear that your hair is growing and that you are taking care of it. Length is not the important part of a covering because that’s not something we can control. All we can do is protect it, value it, and nurture it. The rest is in our Savior’s hands. Blessings, darlin’! 🙂


    2. Marilyn says:

      I’ve lost all of my hair a few times due to brain surgery. Just wonder how many judgmental thoughts were in other ppl’s mind. The important thing is that the Lord knows.


  30. Thank you for your post! I’m on the opposite end of the spectrum, I’ve never cut my hair and have always wished it was longer. I always envied apostolics who had hair down to their Hips and longer haha. 🙂 Mine finally got past the middle of my back. I take biotin everyday and use coconut oil once a week. Hope your hair grows back, believing for healing for you! I’ve had back problems since I was like 12 and God healed me on last Sunday. My back no longer hurts and the headaches are gone! My back is completely straight, no more scoliosis! If God can heal me, he can heal you! 🙂 God bless!

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  31. Who decided pants were for men? Jesus didn’t wear pants. Most of the men in the Old Testament wore thier hair long and wore tunics and skirts. I don’t want to debate you on this issue, but the bible never says that women shouldn’t wear pants. In fact God made coats, Long shirt like garments for Adam and Eve after they tried to cover themselves with leaves. He never says he made Adam some pants and Eve a skirt. A quick study of the Hebrew word for garments in the scripture you are using would show that he is talking about armor. Again in the New Testament when you study the Greek meaning of the use of the word garment you will not find anything pertaining to pants for men and skirts for women. The only difference was style but not function. Further more if one was to say that women should not wear men’s clothes then that rules out T-Shirts because the T shirt was invented for men during WWII.
    I could go on about how this scripture has been taken out of context, but I only wanted to point this out to you because maybe you have not considered a study on what this scripture is really saying and why it’s in the bible and what other scriptures are surrounding it. I say all of this in love and again not to debate or argue. Only to point out that God is not more pleased with you because you follow a man made law. He looks at your heart and what is going on there. I believe he adores you and he loves that you want to please him. If it is your conviction not to wear pants or makeup etc. then I agree you shouldn’t. But.. If you are mearly trying to gain the approval of the church or elders etc. then it’s for the wrong reason. Would the elders and sisters or your peers still treat you the same and love you and approve of you if you chose to wear pants and makeup to church? If you don’t feel that anyone would have a problem with that or use manipulation to make you feel bad or feel like less of Christian because of your choices then I believe that truely it is only a choice you made because God asked that of you. Thanks for the tips for the hair and do wish you all the best, and please please don’t let other people determine what is right for you. You can say golly jeeZ or whatever it was you said, God is not offended. He loves you with a skirt on or with pants on. He adores you and wants relationship with you. He’s less concerned with all the rules that men have made for the church and more concerned about your precious heart. He’s not religious. He’s relational and caring. Many blessing to you, Kass


    1. Actually, Jesus and His disciples had short hair – which was the custom of the day. His Word says it’s a shame for a man to have long (i.e., uncut) hair (I Cor. 11). Clothing between men and women of the day were distinct both in style and markings. God has always wanted a separation or difference between genders. This is a principle that has to be applied in spite of our society. The principle doesn’t change because God doesn’t change even if society does. A skirt or dress is still considered “that which pertains to a woman”. In virtually every culture on earth there are gender differences in dress. Paul wrote half a chapter in 1 Corinthians about hair. There are spiritual principles behind it that cannot and should not be overlooked (submission, God’s order of creation, and spiritual authority). God often wants us to carry these principles out in ways our flesh doesn’t like. Our comfort or convenience should never be the guide when deciding to follow God’s Word.

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      1. Cheryl Shanks says:

        Actually Paul went for a year without cutting his hair or shaving. This was the custom for drawing closer to God. At the end of the year he shaved his head. Yes, it’s in your bible.


        1. Marilyn says:

          We should give reference when we quote the Bible, especially if it’s not a well known verse such as this one. I’ve done a very close study of the life a Paul and don’t remember this one. Maybe it’s because it made no difference to me at all.


  32. Debbie says:

    Great read. I don’t know why people get hung up on the “pants” comment, old testament v new testament? ? I think rachel explained herself so well even referencing “a symbol” “in our culture”… All scripture is profitable. Not all old testament laws were done away with, ie, moral law… if it is changed there is scripture in the new testament to the change… ie, animal sacrifices we know Jesus was the final sacrifice etc. There is so much depth in scripture. Too much to try to explain all here. Seek God and His ways and He will lead you. 🙂

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  33. Cathy Dreiss says:

    I, too, wear woman’s clothing (dresses, skirts). When I was teaching in elementary several years ago, a young girl wrote me a note and ask me why I always wore dresses. I told her I felt more comfortable physically and spiritually. This was very true. When I was born again of water and of Spirit, I told God I was only going to do what He convicted me of, not what someone ‘said’ I had to do. (I was extremely young in the Lord!) One day, I put on my pants and they were very uncomfortable…felt like bunches of material between my legs, and I felt a very manly attitude come over me. I haven’t wore pants since or even been tempted. It is more than obeying a minister….it is having a relationship with a loving caring God.

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  34. Kim Mason says:

    I really enjoyed reading your page. Love all the scriptures you used. In a day that so many young ladies drift from apostolic roots…I’m glad to see you so well grounded in your faith!! Even more than that I was one proud mom and aunt to see that my oldest daughter and niece shared your page….that’s how I ended up here. Thanks for speaking out, so many young girls in their teens start to question their beliefs and convictions and I feel that you will be a great example to them. I see some of the comments on your page and it is truly personal convictions that direct your path of your wardrobe in the confines of your own home. Both of my best friends happen to be baptist and in 30 years they have never questioned my clothing choices, not wearing make-up or anything. We have a mutual respect and much love for each other. YOU GO GIRL✨

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  35. yo says:

    If it’s an abomination to wear pants. .. that should be at all times? I’m not judging you, but if it’s truly a conviction, then I feel it isn’t right to do it at any time. What we do in secret is more important than in public. Also, gouches wide pants to workout in shouldn’t make it right. Pants are pants.


    1. Hi, Yo! Scripture says that dressing like a man is the abomination, but is unclear as to what that is, which is why I mentioned that some women are okay with pants. All I can do is trust the Holy Spirit within me to guide me into all truth as Scripture says He will. He hasn’t convicted me about wearing pants in private, but He has about wearing them publicly. If He ever does, I will happily give it up. I hope this clears any confusion. 🙂


    2. smilzsomuch says:

      In reading all of the comments, I just wanted to say that abominations aren’t just for the old testament. An abomination does not change from one dispensation to another. What God hated, in days of old, He still does.
      Wearing pants is not THE abomination. WE become the abomination when we don these.
      Our pastor taught on this last Sunday night.
      Not (definitely) ‘attacking’ anyone. Just putting my thoughts out where I saw the word ‘abomination’ to go along with the other comments.
      Thank you.


    3. Tiffany says:

      Scripture doesn’t say don’t wear pants. It says it’s an abomination to dress like a man. I believe she clearly stated she just feels convicted to wear skirts in public. Surely you wouldn’t see a man wearing gauchos or women’s pants and think that looked like men’s wear!


  36. Victoria says:

    I’m not trying to bash you or anything. I think your faith is awesome, but I’ve done some research myself and have a few questions for you, Christian to Christian.

    First of all, do you follow ALL of the Old Testament laws? For example, animal sacrifice, pure fabrics, etc. The reason for my asking is not rude (I hope it doesn’t come off that way), I just want to know if and/or how you discern which Old Testament covenants you should follow.

    Building off my last question, Hebrews 8 talks about how God found fault with the old covenant (8:7) and God said the old covenant is obsolete because of the coming of the Messiah (8:13). This being said, I believe that in the coming of Jesus, the New Testament law became superior, and the Old Testament law was transformed to hold a more spiritual application (spiritual sacrifices in place of animal sacrifices, circumcision of the heart instead of the flesh, pure thoughts instead of pure fabrics, etc.). Do you believe this, and if so what is your reasoning for holding firm in “woman should not wear a man’s clothing” law?

    I personally prefer pants over skirts. They are more comfortable to me, just as skirts are more comfortable to you. I do believe that if you feel convicted for something, by all means listen to the Lord. I have never felt convicted for wearing pants personally, but God has his reasons for that. I honestly just wanted to know what you believe. I find discussing different interpretations of the Bible is interesting and eye opening. I really hope you don’t find my questions rude or disrespectful. Have a blessed day, I look forward to your response!


    1. myhealthypinkfitness says:

      I’ll be honest, you had me at the very beginning but lost me very quickly. To say that God found fault in the old testament is to say that He found fault in Himself and that is IMPOSSIBLE. God is bound by His word, Genesis to Revelation. The New Testament/ Covenant is a repeat of the Old. He can’t and didn’t change His mind. Yeshua came to fulfill the “law”, which in Hebrew is actually “teaching and instruction”. He walked out every one of the commandments, which there are 613 total (some of which apply only to those living in the physical land of Israel and the remaining to those of us in the nations).

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    2. Hi, Victoria!

      Thank you for your challenging question. I appreciate the time and effort you are taking to press further into this topic. It’s not rude to show a difference of opinion. I respect that. 🙂

      The beauty of Scripture is that most of the NT is just a reprisal of the OT with a focus on the heart. It doesn’t say that the works of the OT aren’t important, it says that we missed the point: works won’t save us. Christ was the ultimate sacrifice and thereby saved us. Our works show us to be followers of Him and if we study carefully, the works God asks of His church are highlighted in Scripture.

      Specifically regarding skirts:

      Through study of the NT, I realized that God still cares a great deal about gender distinction. A passage that shows this is 1 Corinthians 6:9-11 which reads: “Know ye not that the unrighteous shall not inherit the kingdom of God? Be not deceived: neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor effeminate, nor abusers of themselves with mankind, nor thieves, nor covetous, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor extortioners, shall inherit the kingdom of God. And such were some of you: but ye are washed, but ye are sanctified, but ye are justified in the name of the Lord Jesus, and by the Spirit of our God.” When Paul, under the inspiration of God, added “effeminate” [ef·fem·i·nate, əˈfemənət/: adjective
      (of a man) having or showing characteristics regarded as typical of a woman; unmanly] it was made clear that our church is still meant to care about gender distinction.

      There are other examples, but for sake of time, I’ll move on. 🙂

      In our culture (here in America, I’m not speaking for the entire world), females are most commonly associated with skirts. The stick figure symbol on restroom signs is a great example of that. So that is another reason why I choose to wear skirts day to day.

      As for the second question: God did not find fault in the old covenant, but in the people who could not hold up their end. If you continue reading, Hebrews 8:9 reveals this. The thing about covenants is that they’re made void if one of the participating parties cannot uphold their end. We are not able to lead perfect lives, so God made a way for grace. Our new covenant is the better one (Hebrews 8:6), not because the first was faulted by God, but because it is better for us as humans.

      I hope this answers your questions as to what I believe. Thank you again for having the boldness to ask them!

      -Rachel 🙂

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      1. smilzsomuch says:

        Very true. There are many abominations.
        Rape is one. Adultery is one. Those are STILL abominations to this day. Abominations do NOT change with time (dispensation to dispensation).


    1. Michelle says:

      I have asked the same question before, and boom the other day it hit me when I was reading the Bible verse about our hair being our covering. It is specifically referring to hair on our head, our mane. It is our glory and represents God’s glory! I don’t have to.e to look it back up but I was reading it on my esword no me app who h has the Strings or Thayer word deffinitions along side side each word. I was reading the deffinitions etc, it just clicked for me. Hope this helps! God bless.

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  37. Elizabeth mullican says:

    Love this and I have the perfect product for you to look into for your hair! 2 years of clinical results done by Princeton! It has saved mine and my girls hair! It is proven to regrow hair and make it stronger longer shinier and fuller in 90 days! I know it sounds like a sales pitch but it’s amazing stuff! It’s called Monat. Non toxic natural based botanicals! I too had long hair complained and then got sick and lost most of my length now I’m working on growing it out! Here is my website if your interested. http://www.elizabethmullican.mymonat.com


  38. molly sullivan says:

    I am shocked that you really think that this is up on the list for things Jesus is concerned about, or how you would get close to him. He isn’t a shallow man


      1. Julie says:

        I think what she says it right, it does not specify what apparel it talks about …. People get so focused on whether we should wear a skirt or not , it’s ridiculous.. I was in Pentecost 18 years and I loved the lord dearly abided by every rule, I sought the Lord non stop.. God begin to show me it’s not what we wear, don’t get me wrong I believe we should dress modest .. I think if you are comfortable with those standards then so be it, but it doesn’t mean that women who wear pants make-up etc that they are not abiding to the word, geez we should be focusing on our hearts make sure they are pure before God building that relationship with him and loving others and helping other come to know Christ.., it was mention in ones comment about speaking in tongues filled with the holyghost, you can receive it wether you wear pants or skirts… I wear pants now and I still speak in tongues … I appreciate the fact that this is how she wants to be before God, that’s her choice, but I’m a firm believe you search the scriptures pray and fast and God will surly show you… It was hard when the Lord begin to show me because like I said I was in Pentecost 18 years, but God showed me it didn’t matter whether I wore skirt or pants, God looks on the heart, it’s not about what you wear, we are the body of Christ … God left the bible , why everyone sees it different , I don’t know and I battled it and sought God over it.. If you seek him pray fast God will lead you, we can’t say hey your wrong or your right , scripture says work out your own salvation , so if skirts is your thing and not wearing make-up makes you feel you are seperated from the world , then good for you… I wear pants and I separate myself … The bible says .. you know them by the fruits they bear, not by what you wear…


      2. Jessica says:

        Responding to Amanda with the “either believe his word or not” comment…IF you continued to read the verses following after the “wearing men’s clothing is an abomination” verse, it also says that if you’re found not be a virgin before marriage, you should be stoned. It also says, anyone who commits adultery should die. You cannot pick 1 single verse out of the bible to fit into your mold of what you think is holy.

        John 8:7 “Let any one of you who is without sin be the first to throw a stone at her.”

        The author of this article CLEARLY states, that each person should pray and seek God for direction and wisdom; salvation is in His hands only.


    1. Hi, Molly!

      What I’ve written above was purely from the Word and countless hours praying and seeking direction in how to get closer to Him. I fully agree: He is NOT a shallow man. His depths are so great we cannot fathom them! What we do know is that He is holy, and He calls us to go a step further. These are just a few of the steps He has called me to take.

      Rachel 🙂

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      1. Cindy B says:

        I totally agree with the stand you have taken, and take it myself. I think what some that do not understand may miss is that we are to be a living testimony for Christ in our daily walk. He wants to have a “visible” church. As believers we are to be different from the world. I dress as I do because of my love to Him, not under bondage at all. When we see a policeman, mailman, amish and others, we know right away who they are because of their uniform. The LOVE we present in our lives and the way we present our bodies is our uniform. At least that is how I see it. 🙂

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      2. Wendy says:

        It also says in 2 Corinthians 6:17 to be separate from the world. Meaning not to look like the world. I see a person with pants, makeup, and cut hair I don’t see Christ in them cause they look like the world. You take 2 girls and put them together 1 has cut hair, makeup, and pants on and the other has a knee length skirt uncut hair and no makeup on. And you ask a group of people which one is modest and Christlike And that group of people will pick the one that has the skirt on, uncut hair, and no makeup on every time. Why? Because she don’t look like the world. What is in the heart will show on the outside. God wants modesty and that’s what He expects.

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      3. L.Lowery..maybe God used Heather to let her know.. her point is very valid…God is Holy and should be treated as such in our speech….I really don’t believe Sis. Rachel meant it to sound bad, but, sometimes God uses others to bring things to our attention..Lord Bless..btw..the article was fantastic!!


    2. If it’s in His Word, and it is, He is concerned about it. And as for the comment (in response) that God looks at the heart, remember, people see the outside and should bring Him glory and honor in all things – inside and out.

      Liked by 1 person

  39. Terra says:

    Hello Rachel.
    Great rambles & thank you for sharing.
    What kind of oils do you use on your hair? Does it prevent dead ends? I like keeping my hair long usually with layers because my hair is so thin.
    I understand what you are saying about why you wear skirts. Personally, I believe there are pants/capris that are very feminine and very different than men’s pants. I use to wear only skirts and I did have difficulty staying modest while playing with children. My current job I had times where I’ve had to wrestle a student to stop from hurting themselves or others. That would not have been modest in a skirt & a long skirt would have made it difficult to run after my student (s). Even with leggings on underneath, I believe it would still be inappropriate. Wearing long blouses/shirts/tops covers my bum, because I agree that I don’t like showing my bum.
    My husband prefers me without makeup so I only wear it occasionally like you. 🙂
    I just wanted share my thoughts.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’ve found the best thing to do to prevent split ends is to avoid heat and harsh brushes. The oils help soothe the hair shaft. I try a new product every time the one before runs out. I’m currently using L’Oreal Advanced Haircare Total Repair Extraordinary Oil. This mouthful can be purchased at pretty much any store carrying hair products or on Amazon (this is an unsponsored link 😉 ). So far I’m loving it! It helps a LOT with frizz. 🙂

      I totally get the difficulties of remaining modest in skirts. No judgement here! Thanks so much for stopping by and sharing! 🙂


      1. Nicole Collins says:

        Hey Rachel,
        Totally enjoyed the read, it’s always these particular topics we Apostolic girls get asked about a lot and definitely need good answers for! My little tip to you for your hair, if you aren’t already aware, is a few natural products you may have already at home that are perfect hair restorers. Apple Cider Vinegar. Restores ph to the hair bringing shine and softness and keeping split ends healthy. Used at end of your shower, rinsed with cool-cold water… It may smell, but that fades and you’ll notice a big difference. Two, coconut oil, seriously best “hair conditioning mask”. Melted in your hands and rubbed in the ends mostly or do a full head and let it absorb a few minutes before your shower, this also is great for hair… You can add things like egg, honey, or avocado mixed and spread in hair… Not all of it but, these are options.. And have awesome benefits for the hair.. I mostly just do the coconut oil and apple cider vinager. But natural products are best for your hair, leave out most of the chemical based products and you will see good results. Not kidding. Best of luck with your hair, and not sure of the extent of your illness, but praying for you for healing in Jesus name!

        Nicole 😊

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Hi, Nicole!

          Thanks for the tips. I forgot to mention that I do deep condition my hair with coconut oil regularly. That stuff is ah-may-zing! I’ll say! I’ve tried Apple Cider Vinegar in the past, but unfortunately can’t bear the smell. I have a highly sensitive nose and the odor gives me migraines: ahhh the perks of a chronic illness. Thank you for praying healing! ❤


    2. A H says:

      In Bible days both men and women wore robes. They didn’t have pants and dresses/skirts. I don’t see them both wearing robes as being any different than men and women both wearing pants today. I don’t see how that Bible verse can apply to today since our clothing is completely different and both men and women wore robes then. Men and women’s pants are probably more different then their robes were in Bible days. I do not feel it is wrong for me to wear them but if God ever shows me he doesn’t want me to wear them I will stop wearing them.


      1. Connie says:

        The robes the Hebrews wore were very distinct. Even from a distance you could tell from the style if you were approaching a man or a women. God was very explicit about how the garments were to look. He created the distinction of the sexes and did not want there to be confusion.


    1. For us older ladies, Grandma’s with hair that is dry for a number of reasons…..I use a good moisturizing shampoo and Argan Oil of Morocco as a leave in condtioner. The change in my hair is unbelievable. It’s a little tricky to get the right amount. It’s also a little pricey, but our hair is worth taking care of as well as our skin and bodies 🙂 after all…they are not our own, but His. Hope this helps someone. God Bless, enjoyed your read Rachel.


  40. Crystal says:

    You can go to youtube and search POBC Raymond Woodward. He gives the best description of why we do what we do that I have ever heard. There are four videos to watch. August 15,16, 17 amd 18. You’ll be so glad you watched them!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Eileen waits says:

      I agree mostly. If it’s a abomination to wear pants which the Bible says it is and it’s right why do u wear them to bed.Just asking meaning no harm plz. I don’t wear pants either..Thank you..

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Thank you for your question, Eileen! That’s something that I’ve spent a lot of time praying, soul seeking and searching the Scriptures about. To my knowledge, the Word isn’t blatant regarding what “pertaineth unto a man.” As I mentioned above, some feel that ladies pants are okay. I believe the Spirit leads us individually on things that are not blatant in Scripture, if we’re willing to listen. I’ve felt conviction when considering wearing pants in public. It’s a very unsettling feeling in the pit of my stomach. But I’ve never felt any conviction when I’ve worn them to sleep or workout.

        That said, if He ever asks me to give up pants entirely, I will most certainly heed that call.

        Rachel 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Gabrielle says:

        I’m not the author of this article, obviously, but thought I’d give you my opinion on ur Q. This is how I see it: one dresses modest because we are all human and lust exists. When being out in public, it is important to stay modest. That being said… The bedroom is NOT public. If it is, there are other issues that need dealt with. No one else is in one’s bedroom so what one wears to bed doesn’t matter. (of course listen to what God deals with you about) What about while taking a shower… Or married couples? Yeah, don’t think clothes wld be such good things during those times. This is why I wear pj’s to bed. Aaaand… Cuz gowns just ride up around my neck by morning and is way more indecent. Lol

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Rebecca says:

        It would be an abomination to be out in your underwear and some people sleep in that too, the bible says to not discuss what people do behind closed doors so with that being said I don’t think God cares what you wear to bed when you’re alone (single) or with your husband.

        Liked by 1 person

  41. Heather says:

    Great article! I agree completely, Sister. Just one thing though, be careful about using words like “ohemgee”….it’s akin to using God’s name in vain! Just food for thought. I know there is a lot of blatant “minced oaths” out there. (google it to get additional info) God is holy and should be treated as such in our speech! Love in Christ, Sister.


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