My 2 Cents on The Good Lie

Wow oh wow is this movie good. I went into it expecting a heartwarming story, but nothing could have prepared me for the raw emotion this movie evoked.

This movie follows the story of four brothers and a sister, not by blood but by love. When their village is bombed by the enemy, they must make the 1,000 mile trek across the African desert to find safety and hopefully one day score a ticket to America where they can be at peace.

This movie made me so thankful for what I have in life. I have a lot. Like. A LOT.

WARNING: I’m about to discuss a scene in the movie that really affected me. If you don’t want spoiled, skip ahead!

There comes a point during their trek that one of their companions passes away due to dehydration. The eldest (and therefore chief, even as a small child) takes a dish and pees into it. While his siblings soberly look on, he says he wishes to live, and drinks from the urine. When he passes it on to the other children, they echo his words and take a sip.

I take so much for granted. I have easy access to water, coffee, tea or whatever drink catches my fancy in the moment. There’s a Starbucks on every street corner it seems, yet there are children on the other side of our planet who have to drink their urine to survive.

I am so ungrateful for what I have.


This movie will wreck your heart for the lost boys of Sudan, for all the children who suffered and still suffer. While the movie in its entirety is not based on a single true story, their harsh living conditions are accurate to what so many are facing over there.

It crushes my heart.

Watch the movie and be challenged.

We can change the world if we will just allow ourselves to be aware of the world’s need for change.

All we must do is act.

If you want to help a child in need, consider sponsoring one today. It doesn’t even cost $1 a day and you can change their life forever. (This is not a sponsored post- I genuinely want to raise awareness!)

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