Hi. Long time no chat.

You may not know this, so if you don’t, here goes:

I suck at consistency. So much so that I actually wrote a post about it several weeks ago. Still failing.


I am not without excuse, though I live with a lot of guilt because of that inconsistency. The fact of the matter is, I’ve spent the majority of the last three weeks either working my bum off at my job(s), working my bum off on Undignified Event, or in bed because the pain and passy-outty-ness was too much to bear.

It has been really hard.. but my lands it has been rewarding!

Here’s a warning:

I’m about to talk about meeting an angel. I’m not crazy and I almost didn’t write this post because I didn’t want y’all to think I am. I just gotta testify of the Lord’s goodness. If you’re not interested in reading about my experience, feel free to skip this post and wait on tomorrow. No hard feelings at all! 😉

For those of you who remain..


I met a real life angel. A. Real. Life. ANGEL.

I’m getting ahead of myself.

I don’t talk a whole lot about my faith, but I am a firm believer in the Word and I truly believe that the principles and practices in the Scripture apply to our generation today, just as they did to the first church.

These principles include the gifts of the Spirit and a steadfast belief in the Spiritual realm.

Having said that, I’ll proceed with my story.

About a year ago, I had the amazing fortune to be in a Bible college class that turned into a prayer meeting. We (the students) went before a man of God who had served in ministry his entire life and he spoke specific prophecies into each of our lives.

To me, he said: “God is sending His angel to you. You will know him by his words.”

I was dumbfounded and so of course said: “Huh?”

He basically said the same thing again: “The Angel of the Lord is coming to you and you will know him by his words.”

I took it with hope but not much else. I figured God must have some metaphorical plan regarding angels and words. I’d like to see a real angel, but to be honest, I had a lot of doubt.

On Thursday, September 24th, I gathered together with several other believers to pray for Undignified Event. We specifically prayed that God would send angels to minister to the people who attended (according the to the Scripture that speaks of ministering spirits – Hebrews 1:14).

I didn’t expect Him to take me literally, but He certainly did.

At the event on September 26th, before it had even begun, a man appeared out of seemingly nowhere and began dancing with all his might and declaring the praises of the Lord.

I thought, “Aw, cool.” but not much else. Cause I fail at the faith thing.

Two hours later, our band had finished singing and was coming down off the stage. I saw the man walking around and interacting with people. Again, I didn’t think a whole lot of it.

That is until he approached me. Okay, to be honest, I still didn’t think much of it. Not until Sunday. But that’s because I was too tired to think on Saturday. #chronicillnessprobs

He came up to me and introduced himself. The following is the entirety of our conversation to the very best of my memory.

Man: “I am a soldier in the Lord’s army-“

Me: oh, weird way to introduce yourself.. hmm

Man: “-and I’ve come to give you a message.”

Me: this’ll be good

Man: “You have had many people tell you that your illness is an attack from Satan, but you know, because God sent His servant to you before it happened, that your illness was made to break you and shatter you so that He can use you for His purpose. Just as God used the life of Job to be glorified, He will do the same with you. Job 1:21 says that the Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away, blessed be His name. God gave to Job and took away from Him. He has done the same to you and just as Job blessed His name, you must do the same. Your testimony is in your pain. Remember that. Your healing is on its way.”

Then he walked away.

Let me just say that there is no possible way on God’s green earth that he could have known what was spoken to me years ago, when a man approached me and said “God is going to break you and shatter you so that He can use you for His purpose.”

This angel knew those words – WORD FOR WORD.

Everything the angel said hit home with me. That evening, a woman told me that the same “man” had approached her and spoken into her life, telling her things about herself and her family history that he could not have known.

There is no doubt in my mind that this is the angel of the Lord sent to me, and to others, to minister.

His words are already being confirmed. In spite of tremendous pain and an overwhelming desire to throw in the towel, I have gone to church and worshipped with everything in me. I have danced with all my might and shouted with a voice of triumph at every service.

And people have noticed this testimony. They know I’m in pain and I’m tired, but I’m continuing to worship. This testimony is glorifying God.

I trust Him. I believe His words.

My healing is on the way.

I just had to share. 🙂

I am not ashamed of the Gospel of Christ.


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