The Melting Pot – AKA I Died and Went to Heaven

Friday was an awesome day. So awesome, in fact, that I failed to post because I was busy interacting with awesome things and my awesome family and awesome friends.

Uhm, okay.. now I’m sounding sarcastic.

I am not being sarcastic. I did, in fact, have an amazing Friday.

I started the day off with my first therapy session, which went pretty well. I’ve got another appointment scheduled for a week or so from now. I will say that even though it was nice to vent, I felt an extreme amount of anxiety afterwards. I was shaking, my heart was racing and I had the makings of a mini panic attack. Is that normal? heh

But the day got a gazillion times better when, right after therapy, I experienced The Melting Pot for the first time with my wonderful friend, Brittany (who also happens to be an incredible photographer). AH! What an adventure (yes, eating at a new restaurant is an adventure)!

That stuff is good. Yes. So good that it deserved italic, bold font and was underlined.

I suppose that’s not surprising. Dipping food into melted cheese and chocolate is guaranteed to be a delight. I didn’t even have a bad reaction to all the lactose. #score

And to make things better? THEY HAD GLUTEN FREE BREAD, POUND CAKE AND BROWNIES. Do you even understand how amazing that is? I’m not going to lie. I teared up. #triplescore

Also, I’m pretty sure that was the fanciest restaurant I’ve ever been to.

I did fail in a big way: no pictures. 😦


After that, I went home and relaxed for a bit, enjoyed some incredible thunder-lightning-hail storms, chatted with the Man and watched my family help Faith and Darius (the sister and brother-in-law) move. I would have helped but I was tired.. and my nephew needed my attention. 😉

What adventures did you have on Friday?

The Melting Pot – AKA I Died and Went to Heaven

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