The Miracle of a Good Day

Good days don’t happen often for the chronically ill. But yesterday.. Yesterday was a great day (aside from a minor blip in which I went partially blind for about an hour- more on that Thursday).

Here’s the thing. Those good days are so rare that when they come, they are breathtakingly beautiful. And it couldn’t have happened at a better time. I spent the entirety of a day in the company of people I love, and friends like none other.

On top of that, church was “on fleek” (hating myself for the use of that word). It was one of those hair pin flying kind of worship services. The Lord was moving and there was no denying Him. My family got a lot of healing and victory yesterday. I wanna dance all over again just thinking about it [and boy did I dance yesterday.. David and I are kindred spirits (Bible story reference)]

I feel so blessed. There are millions of people in this world who are suffering inconceivable pain, and they’re doing it without the help of a Savior. How fortunate am I that I have a God who cares so deeply for me, that He gives me the respite of a good day?

Today, I’m paying for yesterday, which is why this post is short and simple (which stinks because I had major plans for today). I’m sore, I’m sick and I’m tired.

But I’m happy.

Good days don’t usually last. But that’s okay; I don’t need them to.

I just need God.

And I’m so thankful that He wants me.

The Miracle of a Good Day

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