Fighting back.


Unfortunately my one month hiatus turned into a much, much, much longer hiatus. heh

I shall attempt to explain with this:

  • my family is in crisis
  • my health sucks

I haven’t been reading or working or writing. I’ve been passed out on the couch or my bed, or talking to the nigh-daily visitors who wish to express sympathies and give their support (y’all rock, btdubs).

I’ve been itching to get back to posting since my hiatus began, but life throws one curve ball after another and that makes it difficult to live normally.

Especially right now.

I don’t want to get into the details, but someone I dearly love made the decision to do something that drastically changed the lives of everyone around them. My family is in upheaval as we race to find stability again.

This has caused an enormous amount of stress which in turn has triggered the biggest fibro flare-up I have ever had.

But I’m okay.

I’m surviving.

And recently, I’ve started thriving.

Yeah, I know I’m hurting like nobody’s business and after just two days on a new sleep schedule I had to call it off due to migraine fun.. But I’ve started taking joy in the little things.

On Friday, I worked on Undignified Event for 4 hours straight and got so much accomplished in spite of the computer screen induced headache and nausea.

On Saturday, I changed a tire, just to prove that I could, in spite of the joint popping pain in my wrists.

On Sunday, I hung out at the mall, then played CLUE with my sister, brother-in-law, cousin and new friend, in spite of exhaustion.

On Monday, I talked to a very good friend until I fell asleep, in spite of a long first day back at work.

On Tuesday, I got up at 6:30 am for the second day in a row and went for a walk, in spite of hip pain and swimming vision.

Today, I’m finally getting back to blogging, in spite of starting my day with a headache worsening with every second of looking at this screen.

Yes life has been hard and I have suffered more defeats than victories in the last two months… but I’m still here. And I’m fighting back.

What is something small that you have taken pleasure in recently?

Fighting back.

2 thoughts on “Fighting back.

  1. Hi, Rachel! Good to see you in my inbox again. 🙂 I’m sorry you’re going through so much difficulty all at the same time— I can’t imagine it. I was reading your list of ways you’re fighting back, and wondering… Would I do that? Nnnope. I would probably just curl up into a ball and cry. Good for you for fighting your battles! I’m praying for you. 🙂

    Something small that I take pleasure in… The sun through the kitchen window this morning. It filtered through the leaves of three trees, casting green-gold light over the side of the house, and glittering pure gold in the places it broke through. Lovely. 🙂

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    1. Rachel Carpenter says:

      Hi, Caiti! Thank you for your sympathies. Some days I do curl up in a ball and cry, I think that’s okay. So long as we don’t give up. I appreciate your prayers. 🙂 That sounds absolutely beautiful. There is nothing quite like the majesty of God’s creation. Thank you for sharing!


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