May Reflections and June Aspirations!

Well now is the part of the month when I tell you how badly I failed at aspiring the month before, give myself a ridiculously hard time, then pretend this month will be better. Let us reflect, shall we?

May’s Spiritual Aspiration

I wanted to double up my Bible reading plan every day (an average of 6 chapters). I’m actually pleasantly surprised. I didn’t read double, but I did read more every day. That’s an improvement. So no, I didn’t meet my aspiration. BUT, I did read at least three chapters a day. I call that a success.

May’s Mental Health Aspiration

I planned to journal every day in an effort to relieve stress… I FAILED MISERABLY. I think I journaled three times total.. Yikes.

May’s Physical Health Aspiration

I thought I’d like to walk for 30 minutes, four times a week. But what do you think? Of course there wasn’t any success here. I maybe walked once a week. Maybe. I did, however, rearrange my room one night. So that was exercise… Oh- and I spent some time at the zoo with my family!

May’s Blogging Aspiration

I decided to post twice weekly and use my new camera for some shots. Oi. I did badly. Very badly. Since I posted my May Aspirations, I believe I posted a grand total of three posts. That’s terrible Rachel. That’s not even one per week. 😦 I also didn’t use my camera once. UGH. I’m in the middle of a stress-induced fibro flare up and have zero motivation for anything other than the bare minimum. More on that in a sec.

May’s Adventure Aspiration

All I wanted was to go on a picnic. Again. Fail. It was such a simple idea, and I didn’t even try. Sigh.

— — —

Okay. Now that I’ve bashed myself repeatedly, on to the aspirations for this month. Yes, I realize I’m 8 days late. Please forgive me.

Here’s the thing. I only have one aspiration for this month: to take care of myself in every department. I’ve been working my tail off and I’m stressed to the gills. On top of being stressed, I’m carrying an extremely heavy emotional load. Some really cruddy stuff has been happening in my life lately, both personally and to those I love, and I’m. So. Tired.

All of this is weighing me down and that’s causing really bad flare ups with fibro. I’m consistently dizzy and nauseas, always in pain, and barely sleeping. All of that equals a serious case of depression and some bad need for my family and a mental break from life.

I need to rest.

Having said all that, I will be taking a hiatus from blogging. I’m about to go on vacation with the family anyway, so this is good timing. I don’t plan to post anything else on the blog for the rest of this month and maybe into July.

I’m running this blog because I love blogging. But lately. It’s just another stress. I feel guilty when I’m not posting and have no desire to write when I can. I don’t want to feel guilty about it. I want to keep loving it. I may sporadically post, but probably not. So this is my ta-ta for now.

I hope you can forgive me and are still around when I’m back. I’ll see ya in about a month! 🙂 ❤


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