Soooo I went to Ohioana..

Sarah and I went to the Ohioana Book Festival on Saturday and OHMYWORD it was amazing and SOMUCHFUN.

2015-04-25_1429971359Sarah and I were super pumped.. and as a result were both exhausted due to lack of sleep. Sorrynotsorryitshardtosleepwhenyoureabouttomeetincredibleauthors.

Of course, I rocked my new book shirt! Because that’s what you do when you go to a book festival.


The first panel was made up of thriller YA authors and you’ll never believe it- we met Natalie Richards!! AAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!

She was a total blast to meet – she’s hilarious by the way, you’ve got to check her out sometime – and signed a copy of Six Months Later for me (because obviously I had to buy it once I knew the premise). She was even cool about the whole accidentally insulting her friend’s book.. Okay, now I feel like I should explain.

Romily Bernard (author of the Find Me series) asked me how I got started reading… so I told her my dad is an author, though he writes the really boring stuff about computers.

When Natalie asked if I had read Romily’s book, Romily said that it’s definitely not my thing.. Turns out her book has a heavy computers theme. *insert extremely bashful look here*

Then I blubbered on for a while, trying to explain that my dad’s books are about software and testing to become certified and… Oh gosh. I can’t believe I did that. I’ve been kicking myself for days. Oi.

But Romily was super sweet about it, saying that different people like different things and that’s great! And as it turns out, the premise of her book is right up my alley. So I immediately purchased a copy on Amazon when I got home!



Mindy was hilarious. She was sarcastic, witty, and had that dark sense of humor that makes life so, so, soooo entertaining. As in, when she was asked, “If you could be a fruit, what fruit would you be?” she answered, “I would be a banana, because they’re best when they’re a little bit rotten.” 😀

twitter conversation

Obviously Sarah and I were fangirling hard. Wow oh wow is she cool!


We’re also super excited for her because…

Her book is becoming a movie!!!

*cheers and throws confetti everywhere*

We’re so excited for this awesome lady. If anyone deserves this, it’s definitely her!

Well that about covers the day. We saw a few other panels, but we were so excited about meeting Natalie and Mindy that we kind of had a hard time paying attention… heh

We thoroughly enjoyed the whole thing and met so many authors that I lost count!  This is definitely going to become a yearly tradition and anyone who loves books and lives in Ohio – trust me, you don’t want to miss the next one! 😀

Soooo I went to Ohioana..

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