My 2 Cents on Cinderella (and How She Failed Her Mother)


Cinderella, the new real-life Disney film, has caused quite a stir with the now famous line, “Have courage and be kind.” And I have a bone to pick with that.

Did anyone else notice Cinderella DID NOT have courage and was “kind” in a VERY WRONG way? This film doesn’t teach little girls to be kind, it teaches girls to be abused by evil people and to lie about who you are.

Kindness isn’t getting stomped on, which, if you didn’t notice, is all Cinderella did. Yes, she was kind to the animals. She cared for them and fed them. But allowing her stepmother and stepsisters to abuse her and treat her like she was nothing more than the ashes she slept in is not kindness.

Kindness is loving people in spite of their flaws. It’s treating people like people. It’s being generous to the needy, affectionate to the hurting, and polite no matter the situation.

There wasn’t much kindness happening. Just a lot of getting trampled on.

More importantly and obviously, Cinderella was not courageous.

She allowed her stepmother to force her into slavery, starve her of food and shove her into the attic, a place where she was ignored unless she was needed. There is no courage in that.

Courage is standing up for yourself when you’re being wronged. Courage is standing up for others when they can’t stand of for themselves. It’s walking away when standing up isn’t enough. It’s holding your head high and giving yourself a chance.

Not even going to the ball was courageous. She went in disguise, she lied to everyone there about who she was. She misled the multitude with her princess-y outfit and never bothered to correct their opinion of her until she was guaranteed happiness.

Ladies, if you want to make kindness and courage your motto- please don’t try to live up to Cinderella’s example. She was neither of those.

Cinderella showed a single moment of kindness and courage. That moment was when she said to her stepmother at the end of the film, “I forgive you.”

Okay. I’ll stop ranting now.

What are your thoughts of Cinderella’s story? Do you think her actions showed kindness and/or courage?

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4 thoughts on “My 2 Cents on Cinderella (and How She Failed Her Mother)

  1. I will open by saying I haven’t seen this movie and won’t until I can get it for free from the library. Disclaimer said I’ll move on :P.

    I believe this is always a fine and tricky line to walk. After all courage comes in many shapes and forms. I believe sometimes courage does come from endurance. During the time period Cinderella takes place, at least the original tale, women’s were even more objectified than they are today. Objects to be bartered for family gain often not allowed any form of education besides what was needed to make a suitable wife and breeding mule. If she ran where would she go? What would she have done? The best she could have hoped would have been to become a prostitute or, if really lucky, a wealthy man’s mistress. In this case courage is how you face the cards life has dealt you and how you refuse to let life run you into the ground leaving nothing left but dust.

    That said there is always the concern of how easy influenced young girls are in this era by what they read and see in mainstream media. One of my biggest issues with Twilight is what it teaches girls about relationships. Bella is not only unhealthily obsessed with Edward but he is abusive and overly possessive. I’ll end there because I could get way off track on ranting with that subject.

    Point is there is a fine line to walk and I’m interested to see this movie so I can see what how they walked it. It is always an interesting thing to look at though especially in fairy tales v.s. historical fiction based on real people since fairy tales allow an author more flexibility in terms of the world of the book/movie.


    1. Disclaimer appreciated. 😉

      Here’s one of my own: The following is just my opinion. Nobody take offense, please. 😀

      I agree that courage comes in many forms. Some of the most courageous people are those facing situations they cannot extract themselves from. I believe that in this case, Cinderella had a choice, and she didn’t choose the path of courage. To me, the courageous thing would to be to go out and try to make a life of your own rather than live in misery. Trying and failing is courageous, not trying at all is cowardice.

      In the original tale, Cinderella had little to no options. I concede that point.

      In the movie, she has loads. The movie portrays her father as a man entirely devoted to his daughter of flesh and blood. His new step wife has no say when it comes to her (unlike in the original tale). In addition, her father is popular and well loved by all, as is Cinderella. In the beginning of the story, Cinderella’s father passes (also unlike the original) and she is left in her stepmother’s care. Her stepmother fires all the servants and makes Cinderella do all the work. This is my point: all Cinderella had to do was say “No” and her stepmother would have been hung out to dry.

      Had her stepmother tossed her out (which, presumably, she wouldn’t have done given Cinderella’s father’s love for his daughter was so great he would have left the entirety of his inheritance to her), Cinderella would have been invited into any number of family friends’ homes and her stepmother would have been an outcast.

      All I’m saying is Cinderella (the movie version) had options and she never bothered to explore a single one.

      And right, let’s not start on Twilight. We’d be here for days, rampaging on the irreversible and depressing effects of that series’ influence on girls in this modern culture. 😡

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      1. Ah see I was going by the original story. If they really changed that much and she had all those chances I totally agree that I don’t see why she wouldn’t have left. I mean I see why a child wouldn’t leave and I think it would be harder if it was her real mother given the connection children have with their mother even when it isn’t deserved but when she was older and all that I don’t get why she wouldn’t have taken a chance if she had it.


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