Spontaneous Philadelphia Trip

On our way home from New York City, my family decided to make a stop in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. We stayed the night and were happy to find a hotel right on the edge of the historic district. Of course we took advantage of the opportunity and saw some sights!

This was the view outside our hotel window. We had a great view of the Christ Church Burial Ground, the resting place of Benjamin Franklin.


Independence Hall is amazing. Just. Wow. The impact of the history made in that place!
It was snowing when we visited Independence Hall, but I still managed to get a shot that wasn’t miserably blurry. heh 😀
The stunning organ in Christ Church.
Christ Church is so beautiful!
There were framed texts on either side of the platform. To the left were the 10 Commandments.
To the right was the declaration of their faith.
We also visited Betsy Ross’ house. This is a shot of the room depicted in the famous painting of her and the first American flag.
The original design of the American flag was hung proudly from the Ross household’s rooftop.
Liberty Bell!
And of course, by the end of things, I was looking like a drowned rat. That was some wet snow! 😉
Spontaneous Philadelphia Trip

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