New York City Trip!

I had the incredibly exciting opportunity to visit New York City with my family this past month. With 10+ miles of walking under our belts, we managed to see quite a bit of the city in just three (two for me) days.

Commence Photo onslaught!


Our hotel was in New Rochelle so we had to take a lengthy train ride into the city each day. The station we travelled from had a pretty neat mural on its walls.

Here we are waiting to take the train into the city!
Thomas was my train buddy on Monday. He was pretty nervous about the whole thing, so obviously I stepped up to my big sister duties and reminded him of everything that could go wrong on board. Yeah, I’ve got this sistering thing down to a T. 😀
We were very excited to see the famous clock in Grand Central Station. That place was busting with a life and was a complete nuthouse on St. Patrick’s Day!
Sarah and I in Grand Central Station. This photo was taken seconds before a crazy college kid clad in a green top hat and other green things jumped in the frame. Gotta love St. Patrick’s Day.
The American Flag was displayed proudly!
The outside of Grand Central. Wowser, right?
The Flat Iron Building
We saw an often times odd mixture of old and modern buildings everywhere we looked.
Candid moments. Priceless.
View from Central Park, which was gorgeous by the way. Even with the dead trees and brown grass!
The way the light hit this cathedral was absolutely breathtaking, so obviously I stopped for a picture!
The way the light hit this cathedral was absolutely breathtaking, so obviously I stopped for a picture!
One of my favorite stops was easily the Natural History Museum that the Night at the Museum films are based on! Some tremendous exhibits and plenty to keep you busy for days!
Central Park
The famous Plaza Hotel! That place was DECKED OUT and it made me want to watch Bride Wars again.
We went to the Toys-R-Us in Times Square because it was a favorite childhood memory of mine. The place was busy! Unfortunately the staircase was loaded with crazy college kids for St. Patrick’s Day so we didn’t get pictures there.
We wanted a pic with Captain America and got ambushed by so many characters. These are the three that made it into our pic with him…
We stopped to take a picture of the famed Trump Tower. Dad loves to watch The Celebrity Apprentice so we felt it was a must.
Trump Tower
Sarah and I decided we should live in NYC. Clearly we fit in with the cool vibe, no?

I hope you enjoyed looking at these pics from my trip! It was a lot of fun and I’m thankful for the opportunity to have gone. Tomorrow, I’ll upload a post with pictures from our one night stay in Philly (a stop off on the way home).

New York City Trip!

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