My 2 Cents on The Copper Witch by Jessica Dall

Please note that it is my greatest desire to be 100% honest in my reviews. I do not mean anything I say in the following review to be offensive. I believe in learning and growing and I hope my review helps accomplish that.

You may notice that my reviewing process can be very detailed. This is the layout I use for ARC reviews because I want to both review the book, but explain my review. This is done for the author’s benefit.

If you would like to skip the details, why not scroll to the “wrapping up” section at the end of this post?

The Copper Witch has scored an overall rating of 3.25/5 stars.

Here’s why:

Acceleration| 3 stars

The first couple of chapters read easily enough, however they weren’t attention grabbing. Jessica Dall (henceforth referred to as Dall) did an excellent job in dialogue, however there was nothing to especially draw my attention. At one point I decided to reread the synopsis to make sure I understood the premise of the story because I was having a hard time matching the synopsis with the actual story. It did get better and the action picked up several chapters in (which is less than it may seem as the chapters were short). And yes, eventually the story did match the synopsis. It just took a while for the plot to pick up.

Momentum| 4 stars

The momentum in the story was great. The reason for 4 stars, instead of the perfect 5, was simply because of the slow(ish) start and some minor lulls throughout the tale.

Character Depth| 2 stars

Adela was almost cruel in the way she treated people around her. If nothing else, she was selfish and vain, and seemed to have a inordinate amount of trouble loving people. Now this normally wouldn’t be a problem for me. Personally, I love a screwed up character. They make reading more intriguing. However, I had issue with Adela because her personality was never explained.

We understood she didn’t connect with people, but we didn’t understand why.

Now, I will say things got better as the story went along and it was repeatedly mentioned that Adela’s parents were both deceased and she spent her young life alone. I believe that Dall intended this to be the explanation for her character’s cold persona, but it could have used more development.

The other characters did well to interact with Adela and build interest in the story, but I feel as the MC, she could have used much greater development. From my reading perspective, the detachment to Adela was to exhausting to ignore and so I could only afford two stars.

Writing Style| 3 stars

Dall’s writing style started out rough but got better as the story progressed. While her dialogue was great, conversations did feel repetitive after a while. The writing started out choppy and it wasn’t uncommon to reread sentences for clarity.

I also felt the relationship between Adela and Antony moved rather quickly. One second they couldn’t stand each other, the next Antony was head over heels and Adela was responding in kind. This was an abrupt and distracting change of pace.


I really loved what Dall did with Adela and Edward’s relationship. The shock of how it came to an end was invaluable.

Satisfaction| 4 stars

Though it was slow to start (and though there were constant and unnecessary PG-13 moments), I feel satisfied with the story. It’s an easy read and I look forward to seeing what Dall does with the next generation’s story!

Wrapping Up

The story accurately portrayed the sickness of greed and lust that was so rampant in kingdoms of that era. The characters, though hard to like at first, were tolerable toward the end and at several points, even enjoyable. I found myself thinking about the story while I was away from it, and to me, that is the mark of a good story.

I would advise that this is an adult book and while there is no explicit content, you may wish to consider it the equivalent of a PG-13 movie. There are fade-to-black moments.

This story has already been released to the public. You can pick up your copy from Amazon today!

The Copper Witch

I was given a free eReader copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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