Why I Schedule Out Every Second of My Life (alsoimback… again)

I’m sorry for the twelve (next day insert: thirteen) days without a post. I am without excuse. But in case you’re interested, here are my excuses: my internet access has been problematic at best, I had a week off work and wanted to chill out, I had a wisdom tooth pulled and interestingly enough (who woulda thunk) had adverse effects.

On the bright side, I read some, learned some more about WWII (like, for instance, the fact that Coco Chanel was infamous for taking Nazi lovers, but got away with it because when she went to trial, she blackmailed Winston Churchill), and slept loads. So it was all good. I just feel guilty for not blogging. Sigh.

But today I’m back at it! And I have decided it’s time to go a little easier on – ohmygosh, I think I just saw Mrs. Ochmoneck from ALF walk by my desk… But it’s not possible because isn’t she dead? – myself with this whole blogging thing. I’m going to do my best to post once a week for the next little while. I’m aiming for quality over quantity. And I just don’t have time or energy to keep up with three posts a week right now. I’ll do my best not to ramble in those quality posts.

Like I’m doing now. Sorry.

I don’t take having a week off lightly. When those weeks come, I hug them close and shout “MINE!” at anyone who dares come near. My normal week is bursting at the seams. If I’m not at work, I’m at church or school. If I’m not there, I’m at doctor appointments, meetings or praise team/band practices. If I’m not there I’m at prayer meetings, my siblings’ Bible Quizzing Tournaments, etc. You get my drift.

Some days I just feel like I have literally no time on my hands. At times like that, it helps if I chart out my day from 7:30am (when I aim to get up) to 10:30 pm (when I aim to go to sleep)(I say “aim” because I usually end up staying awake too long reading a book or catching up on BookTube videos which means I hit snooze a couple times – STOPJUDGINGME), so that I can prove I am literally wrong. (Props if you managed to read that somewhat confusing paragraph. 😉 )


Sigh. It’s now Wednesday. I failed to get this post up yesterday. Oh well, at least I haven’t given up entirely. Now, where was I.. Oh yes.

If I completely chart out (including drive times) a day on a time table, I can see the spaces where nothing is happening. Here’s what I mean: Wednesday-Schedule

Pretend you didn’t notice that “Wake Up!” is spelled “Wakup!”…

As you can see, my Wednesdays are pretty full. But after filling out the schedule, I noticed two blank spaces: 9:30 and 10:00 PM. So I filled it in with “RELAX!” to remind myself that it’s okay to do that. And also, that I do, indeed, have time to do that.

I’m not saying I always do this. I’m not saying this always helps. Some days, looking at a chart that says I have one measly hour to myself is enough to make me cry (on days like, that I don’t do this and wouldn’t advise you to either).

But it does help me feel more organized. And it does help me breathe a little easier. Most of the time.

How do you cope with crazy stressed out days? Am I the only one who does this chart thing? I promise it’s not obsessive.. Okay, maybe a little..

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