The Undignified Event


You may have noticed that, in some of my posts, I have mentioned something called “The Undignified Event.” It’s even advertised a little ways down in the sidebar. Sooo, I’ve decided it’s time to clue you all in!

The Undignified Event is a free praise and worship concert for teens. It’s an idea that God inspired when I was 16 years old and after loads of hard work, we hosted our first event on September 21st, 2013 (shortly after I turned 19). We had an estimated 1,000 in attendance.

Which was a total “Whoa!!!!” moment. A dream of three years became a reality and we had a mega response. So that was cool.

After some more prayer and searching, I came to the conclusion that God wasn’t finished with the event. We took a year off (to recover from all that work!) and instead of the mega-outdoors event, we did a small indoor fundraising event. But now we’re back to work.

The questions I’m most frequently asked as the Event Director

What is the Undignified Event?

The Undignified Event is a free-to-attend worship concert geared towards teens and young adults (though all ages are welcome). It will be made up of spiritually led music and occasional breaks for refreshment. Attendees are asked to bring their own chairs/blankets to sit on.

What is the purpose?

The Undignified Event is more than just a worship concert. You see, it is a call to the believing teens of Ohio to gather in one place and publicly worship the one God. It’s a statement to the world around us that we are not afraid to worship, even in the face of ridicule.

But it is even more than that.

Did you know there are well over 1,000,000 teenagers and young adults in Ohio? Of that number, over 520,000 say they do not believe there is a God. The church can be a scary place, yet we have to find a way to show the world that God is more than just the figment of a man’s imagination. How can we do that? We can do this by helping the world to feel His presence.

God communes with His people when they worship and His presence is an undeniable thing once you have felt it. We want to bring the presence of God to the public. We want to show our belief through worship in hopes that our worship will inspire belief in others.

Where did you get the idea?

The idea came from God, pure and simple. I was reading the book “Do Hard Things” and asked God to give me something hard to do. His response: “Invite every teenager in Ohio to come to one place and worship Me.” Thus Undignified Event became a dream in the heart of a sixteen year old. It has since grown in size, audience and heart.

Where did you get the name?

“Undignified” was prayerfully selected from the scripture 2 Samuel 6:22. In that passage, King David is found dancing wildly before the ark of the Lord. When his wife sees it, she scorns him publicly, telling him it is not appropriate for a king to behave in such a disgraceful manner. David’s ever so simple reply is this: “I will become even more undignified than this.”

Do you do it all by yourself?

No way! I don’t think it would even be possible! I have a delightful committee of five people who help me out.

Marketing Coordinator | Meghan West

Volunteers Coordinator | Derek West

Technical Director | Darius Richardson

Assistants | Faith Richardson and Tracy Carpenter.

We also have a volunteer staff made up of many teenagers and young adults. They help out in a big way with advertising, legwork on event days, etc.

For more info, check out one of the following: WebsiteFacebook Page | Twitter

The Undignified Event

2 thoughts on “The Undignified Event

  1. You’re seriously accomplished, no really, you’re making the rest of us look bad cut it out haha. Kidding kidding. I am gonna try to get to Moe’s this Sunday. I don’t want to go alone so I’ll see if I can talk Rik into going too. Either way I will try and donate some to the awesomness as soon as I can 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Rachel Carpenter says:

      Shucks, I’m sorry! I forget to tame down the awesomeness from time to time. My apologies! 😉 Kidding!! Woohoo! I hope to see you there! You rock! 🙂


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