My 2 Cents on The Snow King by Kate Grove

First of all, thanks goes to Kate for being brave enough to send me her novella. Rock on girl! Secondly, please know that it is my greatest desire to be 100% honest in my reviews. I do not mean anything I say in the following review to be offensive. I believe in learning and growing and I hope my review helps accomplish that.

The Snow King has scored an overall rating of 2/5 stars.

Here’s why:

Acceleration| 5 stars

The story was attention grabbing from the end of page one and before the end of page two we were knee-deep in quite the little drama. I did have a couple of issues with the first chapter (inconsistencies and such) but more on that later.

Momentum| 3 stars

The story itself kept up a good pace. There weren’t many parts that dragged. However, I did find myself rereading sentences a lot to understand them. This was largely due to odd word choices and run-on sentences. It made for some annoyance, but it was manageable.

Character Depth| 2 stars

Gwen and Edur could have been amazing and lovable characters, as are most fairytale folk. However, their personalities are inconsistent at best.

Gwen is supposed to be a distrusting person, yet within the first few pages she allows invites a complete and semi-freakish stranger into her home. Not only that, but apparently she was considering him as a prospective lifetime partner when she found him unconscious in a secret cave. Let me just say here: “just because I’m bored” is a terrible reason to kiss an unconscious stranger, or even a conscious one. But back to the point. Gwen was moving at a rapid fire pace with the stranger for someone who doesn’t trust easily.

Edur is meant to be this distant and demanding personality, even cruel, yet he is immediately softened towards Gwen. He is seemingly described as a blood thirsty tyrant. If that is truly his nature, he would have killed Gwen within the first few moments of meeting her.

In the end, the characters could have used more developmental work.

Writing Style| 2 stars

As I previously mentioned, there were some technical issues. My primary problem with the story lies in all the telling rather than showing that took place. There was a lot of “think winter” type phrases and sentences. Where was the “soft wet flakes blurred my vision of the white hilltops, the only splashes of color were those of the evergreens, standing with such pride” and other descriptions? I do feel that the author tried to do that in a few places. But in others, it was lacking in the starkest of ways.

Satisfaction| 1 star

I expected and desired so much more out of this story! The ending was abrupt, the epilogue did not fit well with the story.

Spoiler: I found it infuriating that Edur never truly fell in love with Gwen. He just wanted to use her to get year round powers. It’s not until the epilogue we start to realize he is starting to have legitimate feelings for her.

Wrapping Up

Kate Grove has a lot of potential. She’ll go places. But she needs a little more time to develop her art. I feel that a lot of the problems I had with the story would have been corrected by a publishing company before going to print. Had she gone that route, she would have found the help she needed. The story could become a remarkable tale, it’s just not quite there yet.

Having said that, I do think it’s worth reading. It isn’t a large time commitment (at 52 pages) and because of the potential, it’s an easy read.

Why not give it a try and share your own thoughts? You can purchase your copy here.

I think it’s absolutely wonderful that Kate is taking a leap of faith and allowing her works to be seen and read. The best way to learn is through trial and error. She could become an author who inspires a love for simple, fantastical romance. I hope to see her continue this journey!


I was given a free eReader copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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