My Battle with Chronic Tendonitis and Some Other Unknown Issue

Hi, Readers!

Today’s post is going to take a little break from the 25 days of Christmas series. I was debating on whether or not to post this given its personal nature, but I’ve decided you should all know so that, when I sporadically miss a post day, you don’t (hopefully) hate me. This is also an excuse for missing yesterday’s post about an easy and delicious dessert. I promise that post is on its way, so stay tuned!


I’m not sure how to say this, so let me just delve right in. I have had a five-year battle with health, basically in all forms. You may have noticed in my I’m Thankful for… post, I mentioned a year-long battle. The truth is I’ve been dealing with this longer than that, it’s just built to the point of interfering with my life for the last year.

It started in January when my body started shutting down due to an overwhelming amount of toxins. We realized there was a problem when I spent six days in bed, without the strength to stand. I was diagnosed with a bad case of gluten-intolerance. Not knowing about it, and therefore not changing my eating habits, meant that my organs were overworked and no longer processing foods the way they were meant to process them. Though I was eating, my body was starving.

What ensued was an extreme diet (dairy, soy, gluten, legume, and sugar-free and no processed foods) to cleanse my system. On top of the diet, I was overdosed on vitamins to feed my starving body and had to drink salt water daily to kick-start my kidneys.

It wasn’t fun. But it probably saved my life.

After that, I thought I was in the clear. I’ve been living gluten-free since (with the occasional cheat because I’m to wimpy to give up cake forever). At first the pains, light headedness and fatigue – which had been a constant in my life – started to fade away.

Then it all came back. And it came back with a vengeance.

The last three months have been filled with doctors visits, random medications and, more recently, vestibular therapy. Without going into too much detail, mainly because they still don’t know what’s wrong with me, I’m one sick puppy.

Yesterday and today have been especially hard on my health. A Friday morning therapy-session-gone-wrong has resulted in severe pain in my neck and shoulders. My therapist did some probing and found that I have a tendonitis flare-up (I’m calling it a flare-up because I was diagnosed with chronic tendonitis a few years ago) in basically every part of my body that I can have it in. Fun, right?

I’m sitting here with a heat pad on my shoulders to try and ease the pain a bit. With it comes a headache and with that, nausea. It’s not terribly fun to be me right now. 😦 But I missed writing to you all and so I had to post something to explain my lack of writing.

Anyhoooo, I’ve said all this to say: I will take the rest of the weekend off to continue resting, but you can expect more posts from me in the near future. I like to get ahead with my posting schedule, but unfortunately, it just didn’t happen this time. I hope you can all forgive me!

Don’t worry, you will still get 25 Days of Christmas from me. You’ll just see a couple of days where I double post!

I’m taking Tylenol (I’ve been forbidden Ibuprofen, the much, much better anti-inflammatory drug, due to the nauseating side effects) and definitely using lots of heat. If you have any advice for me, to help alleviate the pain, please leave it in the comments below!

Thank you for love and support!

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2 thoughts on “My Battle with Chronic Tendonitis and Some Other Unknown Issue

  1. I found a couple things for tendinitos pain online. Vinegar and black pepper added to olive oil can be rubbed on the area to improve circulation and astringe the muscles to stop them rubbing up against the tendons causing pain. A compress made of slippery elm, rosemary and cayenne pepper is good to heal, improve circulation and un inflame too. To make a compress, simply cut a small square of white cotton, place the ingredients in the middle and tie the corners together. Soak the compress in warm water for a few minutes and press onto the painful spots.

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